Those Who Will Get Flu Vaccination Caution

Those Who Will Get Flu Vaccination Caution
Those Who Will Get Flu Vaccination Caution

Assoc. Dr. Aynur Engin warned that flu vaccine is one of the most important ways to protect against flu, but those who are allergic to eggs should be vaccinated.

Cumhuriyet University (CU) Faculty of Medicine Department of Infectious Diseases Lecturer Assoc. Dr. Aynur Engin stated that it is inconvenient for those who have a serious allergy to eggs to have the flu vaccine. Engin said that the flu, a respiratory disease caused by a virus, causes high fever, muscle aches and dry cough. ” “” Expressing that the winter months carry a risk for influenza infection, Engin emphasized that one of the most important ways to protect against this disease is the flu vaccine. Stating that vaccines containing live viruses, which are used in the form of nasal spray, are not yet available in Turkey, Engin stated that the flu vaccine made from the dead virus and injected intramuscularly is applied in the country. Since the flu is a viral disease, it can infect everyone, but sugar Emphasizing that it may have a more severe course in patients with kidney failure, asthma and cancer, Engin said: “If the person is over 65 years old, he/she should definitely get the flu vaccine.

Because these people are in the risk group due to their age, and their flu is likely to turn into pneumonia. Therefore, even if they are healthy, they should be vaccinated. Those who have diabetes or metabolic disease, diseases that impair the immune system, asthma, chronic lung, chronic kidney failure and cancer patients should be vaccinated.

Also, since it is not recommended to vaccinate children under 6 months, caregivers should also be vaccinated. Children between the ages of 6 months and 18 years who have to use long-term aspirin should also be vaccinated. Expectant mothers who have completed the first 3 months of their pregnancy can also get vaccinated during the risky and intense periods of the flu epidemic.” Engin pointed out that the time of the flu vaccine should not be spent, “The disease is seen from December.

Therefore, it must be done before entering the interval so that the person does not get the flu. The ideal is to have it done in September, October and November,” he said.

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