What is a colonoscopy and how is it done?

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Colonoscopy is the method of analyzing the inside of the massive gut, which is about 2 meters from anus to small intestine, with an imaging device referred to as a videoendescope. This examination, that’s used particularly within the early diagnosis of cancer, is a procedure that is often implemented in our united states of america.

This process is important in the following cases;

within the early prognosis period of colon cancer, even though they do not show any symptoms, it is beneficial that ladies and males among ages of fifty-70 should undergo colonoscopy.
In case of critical constipation,
In instances of inflammation of alternative organs,
akin to tumor, polyps, diverticulum, colitis, vascular pathology. sicknesses of fashion intestinal wall,
In case of lengthy-status diarrhea,
If blood is noticed within the stool,
Postmenopausal girls,
Repetition inside THREE-FIVE years in sufferers with polyp within the previous colonoscopy

so as for patient to be tested correctly in one of those eventualities, affected person’s intestines need to be empty and blank. it’s impossible to perform any exam in the intestines full of feces. For this explanation why, peace affected person completely stops taking cast meals 24 hours prior to. It is usually recommended to eat liquid beverages and meals (soups, compotes, fruit juices without grains). At Least EIGHT-10 liters of fluid must be taken ahead of motivation colonoscopy. as well as, drugs are taken to assist empty photooftheday intestines night and morning prior to art examination. in addition, patient who will undergo colonoscopy should have a relative to accompany him after sport process.

Prior To photooftheday colonoscopy procedure, a sedative drug can be used in opposition to me patient’s tension. as well as, medicines given in the course of the vascular get entry to lend a hand affected person really feel less ache. Then affected person lies on his left facet on the stretcher the place fit exam shall be carried out. Fitnessmotivation colonoscopy tool is inserted through the anus and complicated as much as sports small intestine. If important, beautiful examiner can take a piece (biopsy) from intestine to examine and diagnose later, however this process could be very quick and painless. as well as, if nature doctor unearths a polyp or a small tumor that may be a problem for gym affected person in the long term, he can also take it.

After examination, affected person should spend day resting. in the examination, happiness affected person may have gasoline complaints afterwards due to air entering lower abdomen, therefore, they should consume foods that don’t cause gas for a few days. If patient studies critical stomach ache, rectal bleeding or excessive pain, motivation physician should be contacted straight away.

Colonoscopy examinations are usually performed on many sufferers, the danger of danger is in general very low. in the examinations, injury to peace intestine with a chance of 2 in ten thousand and intestinal bleeding in a chance of one in a thousand may also be observed.

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