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What is the Rising Sign? What are the features?

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Ascendant is a term that is frequently used among the people and is a matter of curiosity. The rising sign is known as the sign that rises on the horizon at the time of birth. Based on the rising signs, many results can be obtained, such as how the life of the person will be shaped and the problems he / she experiences in his daily life. In order to make a detailed ascendant calculation process; birth city, day, month, […]

Ascendant is a term that is frequently used and a subject of curiosity among the people. The rising sign is known as the sign that rises on the horizon at the time of birth. Based on the rising signs, many results can be obtained, such as how the life of the person will be shaped and the problems he / she experiences in his daily life. In order to make a detailed ascendant calculation process; birth city, day, month, year, hour and minute information will be sufficient.

What is Ascendant? What are its characteristics?

Aries Ascendant

< People known as Aries’ rising are known as people who love their freedom, love adventure, and can do whatever they want.They are never afraid to tell the truth and are known to be outspoken. This ascendant, known as a thriller, wants to immediately get and do anything that interests him. But if he gets tired of this situation, he loses his first excitement. They come to the fore with their social personalities and become sought after people in environments because they have a personality that can acquire and merge easily in a very short time.

Taurus Riser

Bull ascendant People with> are known as those who want to get their own free space. They are people who like to stand by and support people in bad moments. At the same time, they expect them to have a supporter when they are in a difficult situation. They do not have jealous personalities, but they want to protect and protect those in their lives. They are more commonly known for their quiet nature. However, when they are angry in a situation, they cannot control their anger by forgetting all the good things experienced in the past. Their egos can get ahead of their own good sides. But those who are Taurus ascendant still feel willing to justify themselves.

Gemini Ascendant

Ascendant Gemini people It is known to have strong and robust characteristics.

They want to stay away from classical lifestyles by living a different life. His ideas are constantly changing. If you change, they change the people around you with the ideas. Even if their loved ones move or go far, they are not happy to break their ties with them. They have a meticulous and orderly structure, the reason for this is that they want to be appreciated by their environment. Thanks to their very funny personalities, they can easily entertain their cats and their environment.

Cancer Ascendant

Cancer ascendant attach more importance to spirituality than materiality. Their primary goal is to have a peaceful and reliable life. It is extremely valuable for them to be loved and respected by other people. They can come to the fore with their jealousy and feelings of ownership. They love to dream and guess. They are aware that a lot of work is required to secure their life and the lives of their families. The Moon directly affects the ascendant of Cancer.

Leo Ascendant

Ascendant Leo self-confidence is extremely high.

They always want to be liked by others. They pay a lot of attention to themselves for this liking. Regardless of their age, they always feel young. Since they see themselves at the forefront in terms of management, they feel the desire to manage the lives of the people around them. Their hand movements and gestures are highly developed and they use these features very well. It is known that they like to come up with new ideas and create new designs in the light of these ideas.

Virgo Ascendant

Virgo has ascendant those who are known to be perfectionists and attached to the smallest detail. They are interested in art and works of art. They are good with numbers and therefore their numerical aspects are strong. In addition, their memory is also extremely strong. They are known as people who do not limit themselves to research and learning new information. The feeling of insecurity they feel among the negativities they have experienced can lead to a more suspicious life for these people.

Their intelligence makes them stand out a big plus. As can be understood from the symbol of Libra ascendant , it always triggers being fair and seeking justice. Their social life progresses in a very balanced way. They always positively affect people who enter their lives. In situations in their love lives, they attach great importance to the person in their lives. This rising sign, known for its romantic structures, always prioritizes surprises to its partners. They don’t want incompatible and negative people around.

Scorpio Ascendant

Scorpio ascendant always has a determined and clear structure. This ascendant who specializes in personal control wants to take his steps cautiously and confidently. Starting a new life or business will add strength and positive developments to their lives. They prefer tough ways rather than easy ways to prove themselves and their abilities. Thanks to their brave nature, they can easily cope with the difficulties they encounter, without collapsing.

The worst feature of this ascendant is that they hold grudges and never forget any evil done.

Sagittarius Ascendant

Sagittarius ascendants make detailed explanations by digging into the subject. They like to seem knowledgeable and detailed. They love to research and learn about philosophy and religion. They can easily adapt to new places and spaces. The reason for this is due to the comfort they have overcome within themselves. They think they love before themselves and can sacrifice themselves in the face of these situations if necessary. They do not expect to be loved or accepted by people. They want to stand out with the ideas and designs they produce. They can be found sympathetic by outside people. They don’t like repeating the same things all the time.

Capricorn Ascendant

Capricorn ascendant are constantly looking to gain new experiences and experiences. In line with these, they can find themselves in new adventures.

They attach great importance to being respected by people as they are observed from outside. At the same time, they attach too much importance to respect themselves. They feel like the most powerful person in the world because they achieve their goals. They are principled personalities. Miza aspects are well developed. They love to laugh and laugh.

Aquarius Ascendant

Aquarius ascendant need to organize their own lives and those of their loved ones they can hear. They are extremely confident in their intelligence and want to focus on their goals with this assurance. They come to the fore with their popularity and reliability, and they like it. Family is extremely important to them and they want to live a family-oriented life. One of their negative features is that they can sometimes feel lonely.

Pisces Ascendant

Pisces Ascendant are known to be extremely emotional. In some situations, they may prefer to live this situation within themselves instead of sharing with the people next to them.

Their compassionate and naive personalities can bring them to the fore. .

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