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Vitamin C, additionally referred to as ascorbic acid, is considered one of essentially the most necessary micronutrients in our frame in very small amounts, but its significance may be very high. it is now not synthesized within the human frame (not like such a lot mammals) and should therefore accept with food because it is a regulator of many biochemical reactions and safeguard mechanisms.

Nutrition C is extremely unstable in the exterior surroundings and degrades rapidly while heated. as an example, when boiling greens or end result, whilst cooking dishes, it nearly completely collapses in precisely 2-THREE mins. as well as, vitamin C is easy to wreck with metal floor of dishes and household appliances. When calculating dietary standing, instagood lack of vitamin C in meals is regarded as 50%. Although It won’t considerably affect the volume of ascorbic acid in speedy-frozen foods, its protection will rely extra on defrosting and culinary processing prerequisites. Right Through garage of apples, potatoes, cabbage and other greens and fruits, vitamin C is highly destroyed, and after FOUR-5 months of storage (even beneath favorable prerequisites) its content decreases via 60-EIGHTY%.

< Nutrition C is well absorbed in the small gut and from there enters bloodstream where it circulates freely and is sent to all organs and tissues.Norepinephrine, serotonin, besides as bile acids from ldl cholesterol, which some professionals have attempted to give an explanation for its a good idea impact on the metabolism of diet C.

Vitamin C is an antioxidant, vital actions of proteins, fats, DNA and RNA of cells. It provides direct coverage from the harmful results of free radicals that regularly occur in cells. Nutrition C helps diminished glutathione, body’s major antioxidant, and protects towards unfastened radicals, toxins, and heavy metals at a biochemical level. in addition, nutrition C has an important impact on the metabolism of different micronutrients and vitamins.

Vitamin C Deficiency

Vitamin C enters workout human body basically with the assistance of herbal meals. While fed on in appropriate amounts, vitamin C consumption will meet and even exceed physiological needs of a person, which is not an issue, body will expel extra diet C within the urine.

Nutrition C deficiency is the most commonplace vitamin deficiency. this is because of two major problems: a discount in the intake of fresh vegetables and end result, and a top stage of technological processing of meals products the use of positive portions of fashion plants.

It accumulates within the bark, in the outer layers, pulp, petiole, leaves greater than at the stem. when you suppose you could have a vitamin C deficiency, you’ll additionally go for diet C supplements.

C Meals Rich in Vitamin

Some foods include an anti-vitamin that inhibits vitamin C absorption. it’s found in important amounts in squash and cucumbers, but heat remedy (eg cooking) inactivates this enzyme.

In phrases of nutrition C, an adult’s physiological requirement is 90 mg per day on average. This quantity is contained in 225 grams of lemon or just 45 grams of black currant. In modern living stipulations, the real need for diet C is far higher than this stage, so additional fortified meals and foods are essential. you’ll find out by means of examining product label in moderation. As a rule, stay fruit, fruit and vegetable juices, liquid dairy merchandise, canned meals more in your .

while pregnant, breastfeeding, dwelling in cold climates, operating in a administrative center with harmful running conditions and international if you are dealing with a chemical load (eg smoking) you want to take additional diet C.

Diet C-Rich Meals:


Bell pepper




Brussels sprouts

White cabbage



Tomato < p /> Apple


Citrus fruits

Diet C to be taken daily

ZERO-6 months FORTY mg < p /> 7–one year 50 mg

1–THREE years 15 mg

4–8 years 25 mg

NINE–13 years FORTY FIVE mg

14–18 years old (girl) 65 mg

14–18 years (male) SEVENTY FIVE mg

Grownup (female) 75 mg

Adult (male) 90 mg

Pregnant EIGHTY-85 mg

Breastfeeding Moms 115-ONE HUNDRED TWENTY mg.

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