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What to Buy from Paris? & Best Gift Options

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France guidebook to what to buy from Paris
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What to Buy from Paris Desserts and Confectionery CheeseChocolate WineChampagne Beret Scarf Perfume and All Kinds of Scents Scented Candles Personal Care Products Magnet, T-shirt, Trinket, Keychain .. What to buy? The capital of France , Paris is a shopping paradise. There are thousands of other options in the city, where you can find the most trendy ready-to-wear products, especially because it is a pioneer in the field of fashion.

I have to say that I have never returned empty-handed from any of my visits to this city. That’s why I wanted to write an article about what to buy from Paris for those who are going to visit the city for the first time or who are curious about shopping, like a guide. Thus, you can decide on the gifts you can buy for yourself and your loved ones in the fastest way and buy them from the right address.

First of all, I would like to talk about the shopping culture in Paris.

On the other hand, department stores are open once a week (called late-night) until 21:00.

On Sundays, some stores in Paris may be open while others may be closed. I recommend you to think about it as follows; Touristic shops and big shopping malls in the city center are open on Sundays and closed when going out of the center.

You can find most shops open during special periods such as Christmas. In summary; There is not much time limit when shopping in Paris, except for exceptional cases.

You can also shop tax-free in Paris. In other words, you can get a refund for the VAT of your shopping. You can get a refund of up to 12% of your purchases worth 175 Euros or more from the places where you see the “ Global Blue ” sticker, but do not forget to fill out the tax free form.

What from Paris To buy?

Guide to what to buy from Paris

The capital of France The most popular souvenirs you can buy from Paris for yourself and your loved ones:

Desserts and SweetsCheeseChocolateWineChampagneBere ScarfPerfum and Scented CandlesPersonal Care ProductsMagnet, T-shirt, Trinket, Keychain ..

About places where you can buy all these gifts detailed information and photos Where to shop in Paris? You can find it in our article.

Sweets and Sweets

what to buy from paris macaron

In the article on what to buy from Paris, I will talk about many different gifts or personal products, but I want to start the list with food.

Products such as confectionery and desserts are great both as a treat and as a gift in our culture. takes up space.

Apart from that, I also recommend Caramels , Roudoudous , Berlingots and Guimauves

If you are looking for a product specific to Paris that you cannot find anywhere else, the local confectionery named Madeleines is the ideal alternative.

So where can you buy these products?

39. It is possible to buy packages with different numbers of macarons at a price range of 20-80 Euros from Boutique Pierre Hermé Opera on the street.

Montmartre < A La Mere De Famille in / strong> is famous for its extremely delicious and colorful candies in the 7-10 Euro price range. The address where you can find the most delicious Madeleines; Mesdemoiselles Madeleines .


France Paris shopping cheese

It is said that there are 365 varieties of cheese in France.

In fact, cheese, which is an integral part of our breakfast, is more of an aperitif in France. Of course, cheeses are also more suitable for consumption as aperitif.

Many cheese stores in Paris, also known as Fromageries , also make vacuum packages. I recommend you to buy a wide range of cheeses, from soft ones to hard cheeses, from goat’s milk to different ingredients, even if they are for tasting. first place I can recommend to you. Apart from that, Barthélémy on 38 Saint Louis and Grenelle Street in Saint Louis Island is one of the other important addresses with its staff that can both taste cheese with wine and provide you with detailed information.


France shop in Paris chocolate

In fact, Switzerland’s chocolate is known as famous but you shouldn’t decide without trying the Parisian chocolates.

Continuously diversified product range with an innovative perspective makes Jean Paul Hévin a modern option.

If you like more traditional tastes, if you like A La Mere De Famille ‘in Montmartre. I recommend their chocolates. If you like extraordinary chocolates made from 100% cocoa and do not contain milk and butter, Charles Chocolatier on Etienne Marcel Street is for you.


France Paris shopping wines

Although there are other countries’ fine wines, France comes to mind first when it comes to wine. . It is necessary to admit that this reputation pays off.

If you are a drinker, you don’t have to think long and hard about what to buy from Paris. French wines whose prices range from 3-50 Euros and even the cheapest ones are of high quality and delicious should be on your shopping list.

Appealing to different tastes. With their aromas, variety of grapes used and different degrees of hardness, French wines are an extremely sophisticated and tasteful selection as a gift.

In fact, you can buy delicious and high quality wines from even supermarkets in Paris, but if you need some ideas, you can enjoy the best in the city. You can go to good wine stores.

For this, Nicolas , who has more than one store in the city, is the right address.

Let yourself be left to Nicolas’ teams of experienced wine experts to choose the best wines for you.


France Paris shopping champagne

Champagne, which was first produced in the Champagne region of France and whose reputation rapidly spread, also thought about what to buy from Paris. I can suggest to take a unique and special day for celebration options for lovers of alcohol.

Moreover, prices 40-90 euros level that is much more convenient than changing Turkey. You can find the most delicious and original champagne at Dilettantes Store on Savoie Street.


from Paris what to buy bere

Actually, this is a cliché we got from French movies. Berets, which we often see at the head of petite, brown or brunette cute French women or French intellectuals, are not often used by Parisians.

But if you think it will suit you or someone you want to gift, don’t stop.

Especially the woolen ones look very high quality.

You can find Chinese made berets in any gift shop across Paris, but if you want a product made in France , Boutique in Grande Armée You must go to Passion France . Prices are 15-20 Euros .


What to buy from Paris scarf

If you want thin and silky, woolen and warm models, French scarves are of a quality and beauty that you cannot easily find in the world. It is a very enjoyable choice especially as a souvenir.

While Longchamps at Sanit Honoré is the address where you can find the best quality and stylish options, I recommend Galeria La Fayette in Hausmann for more affordable scarves. .

Perfume and All Kinds of Fragrances

France Paris shopping perfume

Perfume is one of the products that will never end even though it is a classic.

Even products such as room fragrances and deodorants are included.

You can buy perfume and fragrance products from brands and stores all over the city, as well as take a look at my suggestions.

Champs Elysées < La Maison Guerlain featured in / strong> is a bit expensive option, but you can find unique perfumes and fragrances here. Fragonard Boutique in Saint Germain Region is an address where you can find thousands of fragrances with a more affordable price but still high quality.

Also founder of Sephora brand, Isabelle Masson Mandonnaud Founded by Franche Comté, Sabé Masson is a store where you can find all kinds of romantic, hard, soft, floral, spicy or fresh fragrances, and also perfumes that are not seen by everyone because they are not very common.

< h3> Scented Candles

What to buy from Paris Scented Candles

Colorful and thousands differently, scented candles are ideal for those who think about what to buy from Paris and are looking for an original gift.

Moreover, there are options suitable for different budgets. I suggest you lose yourself in a candle shop.

Located in Saint Germain, Boutique Diptyque has been selling the best quality and yes a bit expensive scented candles in the city since 1961. Other options include Maison Maison on Rosiers Street, which sells more affordable yet stylish and high quality scented candles.

Personal Care Products

What to buy from Paris personal care

Personal care products such as soap and lotion are world famous as much as Paris’ perfumes. Of course, we can find these products in our country or anywhere we go. However, we do not always have the chance to choose our favorite ones among thousands of options in our homeland.

Moreover, it is possible to find brands and products that cannot reach our feet because they do not export even though they are very high quality and suitable. For this I recommend the Pharmecie Monde in Monge.

Especially trinkets in the form of Eiffel Tower can be good souvenirs.

You can find all kinds of trinkets from tiny key chains to 1 meter long. Trinkets in the shape of the Eiffel Tower start at 1 Euro in gift shops.

But around the Eiffel Tower you can shop for much cheaper at peddlers. You just have to bargain a little bit. Although they offer a price of 1-2 Euro for the tiny keychain, you can also buy 20-30 keyrings for much more affordable numbers such as 10 Euros . Finally, you can find much more original and quality products in the gift shops at Montmartre Hill .

All other information you may need on your Paris trip;

Paris travel guide Where to stay in Paris What to do in Paris? What to eat in Paris? , you can read it in our articles ..

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