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What to Buy from Rome? & Best Gift Options

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Guide to what to buy from Rome
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What to Buy from Rome Food & Gastronomy Products Confectionery and Sweets Wine Clothing Bags and Shoes Jewelry and Jewelry Murano Glass Products Ceramic Products Gift Goods

What to buy from Rome? The capital of Italy Rome is also a paradise for shoppers. The spectrum from food and beverage to fashion products is very wide and the options are limitless.

The country’s aesthetic perception is very high and creativity is very developed. Actually, the country itself is a brand, regardless of the brands in any product range it creates.

In fact, we can group personal or gift products that can be bought from Rome in two groups. The first is fed by the cuisine culture that the whole country is very fond of, and these are food and beverage products.

Secondly; Fashion and decoration products nourished by the combination of creativity and aesthetic competencies of the whole country.

Moreover, most of the food produced in Italy does not contain preservatives, so you can be sure of its taste and quality even if it is not possible to preserve it for a long time.

You can buy almost all of the foods used in the cuisine of the country for yourself or as a gift to your loved ones. So what are these products?

Cheese is used almost everywhere in Italian cuisine. It is another option that there are dozens of different cheeses such as Mozarella , Parmesan , which are specific to various regions, in the beginning, in the main dishes or as a sauce, sometimes even between the meal and dessert. beauty. You will surely find an option suitable for your taste.

Olive is also one of the plants that are densely grown in Italy. Therefore, olive oils in plain or different flavors (such as rosemary, basil) are a delicious alternative for those who think about what to buy from Rome.

And of course Balsamic vinegar , sun dried tomatoes, dried meat. products are also among the delicious shopping options you can find in Rome.

Another advantage of buying food from Rome is that it is sold in different sizes in packages suitable for travel.

Less touristic and more appealing to locals.

Sweets and Desserts


Don’t skip the candy and dessert options when thinking about what to buy from Rome. While desserts have an important place in the cuisine of almost every region of the country, the capital of this is actually Rome.

Pangiallo , where ingredients such as almonds, hazelnuts, walnuts are flavored with honey or chocolate, is a similar one, but chocolate and Flavored with herbal products Panpepato , a confection from the ancient Roman period Mostaccioli and a delicious mixture of peanuts, almonds and chocolate Torrone Romano are among the most delicious confections you can find.

I recommend Valzani , which has been in service since 1925 in Trastevere, as the address where you can find the freshest of these products.

(Address: Via del Moro, 37 a / b .

These wines may not be produced in very high quantities, but with dozens of different grape varieties, aroma, quality and rich content.

Although every part of the country offers a different grape and wine variety, it is the closest to Rome. Wines produced with> Castelli Romani grapes are also a very unique option for those who think about what to buy from Rome.

However, you do not necessarily have to buy Roman wine just because you are in Rome. You can also find wines from the regions Tuscany , Sardinia or Puglia almost anywhere.

Go to any supermarket for wine shopping. you can choose and prices start at 5 Euros. However, if you want to make a conscious choice with some information, I suggest you go to Buccone in Piazza del Popolo.

(Address: Via di Ripetta, 19 – 20. Every day 09: Between 00 – 20:30 (open until 23:30 on the weekend.)


Roman souvenirs clothing clothing

Ready-to-wear has 3 sub-categories within itself, they are high- If we say end brands (such as Giorgio Armani, Alberta Ferretti, Ferré, Dolce & Gabbana), small designer boutiques and chain stores , Italy is among the world rankings in all three. It is at the top.

So when thinking about what to buy from Rome, you can put clothing products at the top of the list.

However, especially small designer boutiques are both more affordable and perfect for finding unique options that you cannot see on anyone but you.

I do not name individual stores here, but much more detailed information on this subject Where to shop in Rome done you can read in my article.

Bag and Shoes


Italian shoes are not the first in the world, but number one. Being a perfect blend of quality and elegance, shoes and bags are relatively expensive, they are still more affordable compared to the same quality shoes and bags you can find in our country.

Therefore. If you have a budget for shoes and bags, don’t come back from Rome without buying these products. Extremely high quality products will see a combination of a lot more options than you’ll find in Turkey.

The address you need to go for shopping shoes and bags in Rome Via Condotti Via Borgognona or Via del Corso streets around the Spanish Steps.

My suggestion is; Andrea Fabiani in Via Frattina is a store with thousands of different models where you can find quality products at extremely affordable prices.

Jewelry and Jewelry

< What to buy from Rome jewelry jewelery accessories

Ready-to-wear and accessories that complement the shoes are the unique personal or gift items you can find in Rome.

Options from high-end jewelry brands such as Bulgari to designer boutiques where you can find more affordable but equally high quality accessories. infinite.

In Rome, you can find accessories not only for gold and silver, but also for semi-precious metals and even non-precious metals and stones created by the world’s most talented designers.

The ideal region for jewelery and jewelry shopping is the Spanish Steps and its surroundings, and I suggest you the Lanetti Store in Galleria Alberto Sordi .

Murano Glass Products

Roman souvenirs murano glass

Murano Glass is actually a product unique to Venice, but it is also widely available in Rome.

Although the origin of these products are regions such as Tuscany, Umbria, Sicily, you can find them all together in Rome and buy the ones that best suit your taste.

Handcrafted ceramic products such as plates, teapots, bowls, spoons and jars. It is not possible to find options that are suitable for both your budget and your taste in Rome, where it is presented for sale with extraordinary and original designs by hand-painted.

It is possible to find such ceramic products almost everywhere in Rome, but I will give you Piazza Navona ‘ I recommend L’Artigianato in. Handcrafted items by different local artists from different regions are sold at affordable prices, but of course it is a bit touristy.

(Address: No: 84 Piazza Navona. 09:30 – 20:00)

Gift Items

Roman souvenir magnet, mug tshirt, key chain

Thousands of souvenirs such as glasses, mugs, cups or shot glasses, small trays, wallets, Venetian masks, especially magnet are among the things you can buy from Rome. .

On the other hand, it should be noted that the majority of small souvenirs are produced in China, although there are exceptions. In other words, you will have bought a Chinese product from Rome.

I do not need to provide a specific address for such souvenirs. Vatican surroundings, Piazza Navona , Pantheon , Trevi Fountain , Coliseum surroundings souvenirs It is full of hundreds of shops selling. Enjoy browsing…

Finally; You can find detailed information and photos about places to visit and see in Rome in my articles Places to visit in Rome , information on accommodation and hotel recommendations in the city and Where to stay in Rome .


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