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What to do in Chicago? Things to Do List

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Congratulations if you started researching what to do in Chicago, you will probably have a trip to this windy city soon. Located in the north of America, the city is the third largest city in the country and is famous for the Chicago Bulls basketball team, which even those who are not interested in sports have heard of. And dozens of different activities to enjoy the city are also possible in Chicago.

If you started researching what to do in Chicago , congratulations, you will probably have a trip to this windy city soon. Located in the north of America , the city is the third largest city in the country and is famous for the Chicago Bulls basketball team, which is heard by even those who are not interested in sports. And dozens of different activities that you can enjoy in the city are also possible in Chicago .

In the list of things to do in Chicago, I will talk about activities that appeal to different tastes and a few must-see places. But before I go to the list of things to do in Chicago, let me give brief information about accommodation.

Accommodation: The Loop (Downtown), River North, Magnificent Mile & Gold Coast, Lincoln Park and The South Loop surroundings are the most suitable places to stay in the city. You can find very detailed information and advice on the subject in our article Where to stay in Chicago? .

Hotel: 3 ★ Residence Inn by Marriott Chicago Downtown , 4 ★ Swissotel Chicago , 5 ★ JW Marriott Chicago are some of the most popular hotels in the city…

What to do in Chicago


Some of the most important things to do in Chicago:

Take a city tour. Take a boat tour on Lake Michigan and the Chicago River. Watch Chicago from Skydeck. 360 Watch the city from Chicago. Tour the Institute of Chicago. Rest in Grant Park. Hike the Riverwalk. Walk the Bloomingdale Trail. Match at Wrigley Field. Shop at the Maxwell Street Market. Taste the flavors of Chicago. Take your kids to Maggie Daley Park. Sunbathe in Lincoln Park or North Avenue Beaches. Wander the streets of Mexico. Take a helicopter tour.Take a city tour.

city tour Things to do in Chicago

If this is your first trip to the city in Chicago I suggest you write the city tour at the top of the what to do list If you want, you can take a walk in the important and touristic areas of the city, or you can first tour a city with the Hop on Hop off buses, which is an ideal vehicle in big cities such as Chicago, take a look at the places to see, even get information from the audio guides on the buses, and then focus on what you want to do.

You can organize such a city tour yourself or join various groups.

Chicago Tour with Hop on Hop off Buses: Bus with a fee of 46 USD per person You can get off the tour at the stop you want for 1 day and get back on at the stop you want. It is the healthiest way to explore the city with hop on hop off buses rather than walking in a big city like Chicago.

Take a boat trip on Lake Michigan and the Chicago River. What to do in Michigan lake Chicago

Chicago ‘is established on the shores of Lake Michigan. boat trips on the lake and the river are also a must.

The city’s most important buildings and architectural-oriented boat tours are both a visual feast and a length of 1 to 2 hours. a comfortable discovery trip.

40-minute Lake Michigan Tour: The boat tour costs 41.44 USD per person and a 75-minute boat trip on the Chicago River includes live guide service. As you can see in the pictures, these tours are extremely popular in Chicago. The score of nearly 2700 users who took the tour is 4.8 out of 5. Click to register for the tour.

3. Watch Chicago from Skydeck.

What to do in Skydeck Chicago

Chicago where we admire its silhouette full of skyscrapers And how about watching from above? The address you need to go to is the Skydeck Observation Point at the top of Willis Tower .

When it was built, Willis, the tallest building in the world with its 442 meters height Although the title of the Tower is now taken away, it is still the most ideal place to watch the city view.

Skydeck and Ledge Experience Ticket: The package with a fee of 26 USD per person is actually only Skydeck. It’s not just about observation.

Watch the city from 360 Chicago.

An alternative view in What to Do in Chicago post Let me talk about the point. The 344-meter-high Michigan Avenue building, which is an important part of the city skyline and even one of the landmarks, also offers an impressive view of Chicago.

Written statements explaining what all the buildings you see at the observation point are. it helps you to complete this pleasure of sailing with information. For those who want, it is also possible to watch the city while sipping your drink at the cafe bar on the roof.

360 Chicago Ticket: The ticket, which costs 22 USD per person, access to the observation terrace on the 94th floor, again on the same floor. Including the entrance to the city’s tallest bar and the exhibition on the ground floor that sheds light on Chicago history. The score of more than 200 users who have bought the ticket is 4.5. Click to review and register the tour.


It is possible to see objects from the Ancient Greek, Egyptian and Roman Empire periods in the museum, which I especially included in the What to Do in Chicago article. So take a few hours and visit the Art Institute of Chicago. You won’t regret it.

6. Rest at Grant Park.

What to do in Grant Park Chicago

Don’t think about lying on the grass when you say park. Of course, you can relax on the grass in this most important and large park of Chicago. However, Grant Park hosts many more activities, therefore it deserves to be on the What to Do List in Chicago.

Alongside museums such as Museum Campus Chicago and the Art Institute of Chicago, Daley Park. The most interesting place of Grant Park, which also has sections, is the Millennium Park.

Millennium Park, where entrance is free, includes modern art works, interesting architectural structures and 10 thousand people Jay Pritzker, which hosts various concerts throughout the year. Places you must see with Pavilion.


Don’t forget to spare at least 1-2 hours here.

8. Walk the Bloomingdale Trail.

Things to do in Bloomingdale Trail Chicago

I have another walking trail suggestion in What to Do in Chicago article . The 4.5-kilometer Bloomingdale Trail , or 606 Trail , which is similar to the High Lane Trail in New York.

A few meters above ground The established road is wide enough to accommodate everyone who walks, jogs and cycles, and offers modern sculptures and sometimes green spaces along the route. So why not walk here?

9. Watch a Chicago Cubs match at Wrigley Field.

Things to do in Wrigley Field Chicago

It’s time for sports fans to write What to do in Chicago. .

Yeah, a little too touristy. But also local.

10. Shop at Maxwell Street Market.

What to do in Maxwell Street Market Chicago

In 1847, immigrants selling sundries Maxwell Street Market , which he established once a week to earn money or exchange goods, continues to be established throughout the year as a tradition after 150 years.

From ready-to-wear to food and drink, antiques The market, where all kinds of products from items to jewelry are sold, is a unique place to both shop and check out the products, mingle with the crowd of the market and breathe real Chicago, even if you do not plan to buy anything.

Sunday < It is located in strong> Near West Side Region and is set up on Sundays.

11. Taste Chicago flavors.


In fact, when it comes to” kitchen ” America, not the country of origin.

However, this does not change the fact that it has a unique food and beverage culture.

Chicago, on the other hand, is one of the leading cities of eating and drinking in America. Its most important feature is its portions that we can call “ slave-feeding “.

The flavors that you can taste here and that I can call-relatively- local; giant pizzas, hot dogs made with 7 different sauces, Italian sandwiches and brownie.

12. Take your kids to Maggie Daley Park.

What to do in Maggie Daley Park Chicago

Opened in Grant Park in 2014, Designed by Michael Van Valkenburgh, Maggie Daley Park is a park with unlimited entertainment for children.

Equipped with various games and activities in 6 different regions, the park is “ with children > “A place where those who think about what to do in Chicago will love it.

13. Sunbathe at Lincoln Park or North Avenue Beaches.

What to do in Lincoln Park beach Chicago

Almost” What is the beach like in a city without sea? ”The answer to the question is Chicago.

However, North Avenue Beach and Ohio Street Beach are also among the calmer alternatives.

If your trip coincides with the summer months and you have some time, you can put on your swimsuit and sunbathe. Be sure to enjoy it.

14. Navigate the streets of Mexico.


Shaped with Mexican culture, Pilsen is the only one in Chicago where you can enjoy Latin flair. I can say the address. With Latin music on the streets throughout the day, award-winning restaurants or snack cafes, bars and concert halls where you can listen to live music such as Thalia Hall, what to do in Chicago is the item titled “ entertainment “.

Spend half a day for Pilsen, wander the streets, take lots of photos. And don’t forget to taste the flavors from tacos.

15. Take a helicopter tour of Chicago.


May not fit every budget, but if you can, I recommend you take a helicopter tour over Chicago

It is nice to watch the city from 360 Chicago or Skydeck, but the best way to watch the city from the sky, which is built with skyscrapers around the Chicago River, is to take a short tour.

Chicago by helicopter Tour: A 15-minute helicopter tour, which costs 189 USD per person, includes all the equipment and guiding service required for the flight.

The score of those who took the tour is 4.9 out of 5. Click .

Briefly What to do in Chicago


Chicago, the city of gangsters, which we are familiar with from TV series and movies, offers dozens of alternatives to travelers. Actually, the subject is all about time and budget.

If you are going to visit the city for a few days and have a limited budget, the things that should be on your list of things to do in Chicago; taking a city tour, watching the city from 360 Chicago or Skydeck , touring at Grant Park and the Mexican-dominated Pilsen District I can say wandering around.

The other items I mentioned in the What to Do in Chicago article can be made according to your own understanding of entertainment in line with your time and budget.

More in the What to Do in Chicago article. I tried to talk about enjoyable activities in many cities.

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