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What to Do in Las Vegas? Things to Do List

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If you’re researching what to do in Las Vegas, you’re probably planning to go to this city soon. Then, according to the movies, you should be ready to see some of the famous casinos and glamorous neon lights that we are familiar with now, to witness the gambling and nightlife that make Las Vegas call the “city of sins”, and you should know that a Las Vegas tour is not all.

If you’re searching for what to do in Las Vegas , you’re probably planning to go to this city soon. Then according to the movies, he should be ready to see some famous casinos and glamorous neon lights that we are now familiar with, to witness gambling and nightlife that call Las Vegas “ city of sins ” You should know that the tour is not all about them.

The list of things to do in Las Vegas is full of sporting, artistic, cultural and fun activities that you can do in this city. You just have to choose according to what you enjoy.

1. Take a night walk on the Strip.

What to do in Las Vegas on Strip nights

Stratosphere Casino on the north from Mandalay Bay in the south It is Las Vegas, which we are used to seeing from the Strip Area movies dating back to.

You can walk this most important street of the city, as well as the 24/7 Deuce Buses or the MGM Grand Sahara Avenua. You can also see the Bellagio Fountains, Eiffel Tower, Luxor Pyramid and Sphinx and Venice Canals.

Normally the region or street excursions take place during the day, but when it comes to Las Vegas, it is better to do this at night. Because these structures are seen under lights in all their glory.

2. See the casinos.

What to do in Casino Las Vegas

A suggestion that those who are in a research on what to do in Las Vegas will not have a hard time doing it. to see the casinos that make the city famous.

In short, it’s extremely fun even for families and children. casino tour What to do in Las Vegas

And don’t be intimidated by casinos if you want to try your luck, millionaire You don’t need to be here to play games.

You can also experience some adrenaline with much lower budgets you set. Just remember, gambling is bad, don’t mess around if you’re not sure you can stop anywhere.

3. Watch Bellagio’s famous light and water show.

Bellagio show What to do in Las Vegas

What in Las Vegas Let’s talk about all the famous and well-known ones before moving on to the lesser-known activities in the “to do” article. One of them is the light and water show of Bellagio , which appears in almost all films set in Vegas.

The fountains that gush water with a certain rhythm and harmony every half hour have now become the symbol of the city. case.

Take a gondola ride on the Venetian Canals in The Venetian. Things to do in The Venetian Las Vegas

Las Vegas’ If you’re searching for what to do, add Venice , Italy’s romantic city, to your list.

On the Strip, The Venetian is the Grand Venetian in Venice. It is a very close copy of the Canal and organizes gondola tours. Moreover, it is cheaper than Venice.

Wouldn’t it be nice to take a little Renaissance Italy air with the gondola tour you can join for 30 USD per person and then return to the sparkling world of Las Vegas?

< strong> 5. Experience the zipline excitement.

Zipline Things to do in Las Vegas

You can taste all kinds of excitement and adrenaline in Las Vegas, this zipline .

I can say that the zipline is the cable car-free version of the cable car, where you can watch the interesting views below while you lose on a line by connecting from your waist.

Naturally, I wanted to remind you of the zipline alternatives in the What to Do in Las Vegas article.

For this, Slotzilla in Fremont Street, Rip Zipline in Rio Hotel or You can go to Fly Linq in Linq Promenade. The scenery in each is different according to their location, but they are all great.

6. Do not return without seeing Paris.

paris las vegas tour Things to do in Las Vegas

What to do in Las Vegas article I also recommend you to see Paris.

Las Vegas is also located on the Strip and contains copies of Paris’ most important structures such as the Arc de Triomphe, the Opera House, the Louvre Museum and the Eiffel Tower. You can visit Paris for 16 USD during the day and 22 USD at night, and take a tour from the City of Sins to the City of Lights.

7. Discover fun activities on Fremont Street.

Things to do in Fremont Street Las Vegas

If not as much as on the Strip again Fremont Street , which has dozens of casinos, is also a place that should be included in the list of those who research what to do in Las Vegas.

Here I will talk about the Mob Museum and 12 million for about 6 minutes per hour. F remont Street Experience and Viva Vision Fremont Street , which makes a breathtaking light show using LED bulbs, are among the most important attractions.

Visit the world’s most entertaining crime museum.

crime museum what to do in Las Vegas

dedicated to organized crime in America < strong> Mob Museum has a very interesting collection.

In the museum that sheds light on the city’s distant past full of mafia and organized crime, gangsters such as Al Capone, Bugsy Siegel, John Gotti and Eliot Ness and Herry Anslinger. You can get information about FBI agents, see images and videos as well as various objects that have been used for crime or prevention purposes in the past.

My advice to those looking for an alternative to casino, music and light shows in the What to Do in Las Vegas article. The fee is 23 USD for adults.

Mob Museum Ticket: You can purchase your MOB Museum ticket in advance by paying 29.95 USD per person (the same price as the official website), and if your schedule changes, the last There is also the option of canceling up to 24 hours. And since it has a Turkish website, you don’t need to know English to buy tickets.

Visit the Neon Museum. What to do in the Neon Museum Las Vegas

Las Vegas did not become Las Vegas in 1 day. The Neon Museum , where you can see the city’s journey from being a paradise of organized crime to the city of sins on neon signs, actually tells the story of this. Of course, with each sign and object’s unique stories and legends.

10. Taste extraordinary flavors in Chinatown.

What to do in Chinatown Las Vegas

Almost America’s I would like to remind you not to skip Chinatown , which is an example in almost every city.

As you can guess, Chinatown is also preferred especially for Chinese food, but its shops selling everything you can think of, incense You should also see it, as it can take you to the streets of Asia, even for a few hours, with its scents and narrow streets.

Park Theater, where world stars such as Aerosmith, Lady Gaga, Janet Jackson took the stage, is at Park MGM.

If your travel date is certain, the upcoming program of the concert hall is on this link * You can find it.

12. Watch Las Vegas from the High Roller Ferris wheel.

What to do in High Roller Las Vegas

With a height of 170 meters London Eye and Singapore Flyer Ferris wheel, High Roller offers a great opportunity to watch the famous Strip of Las Vegas from above.

The Ferris wheel at The Linq has 28 cabins, each of which can accommodate 40 people, and one of them also has a bar where you can buy drinks and enjoy the view.

Ferris wheel fees are different during the day and night. , and of course, night tours that are expensive because Las Vegas is good at main nights.

The price is 25 USD during the day and 37 USD for the night for adults, 10 USD and 19 USD for children.

High Roller Ticket: During peak periods There are long queues at the High Roller entrance.

Fly with Helipkopter over Las Vegas. helicopter tour What to do in Las Vegas

Strip ‘ and you walked in Las Vegas, rode a ferris wheel, even zipline, but if you still haven’t been able to take your eyes off this sparkling city, you should try the helicopter tour.

Even if you prefer different routes, not just the Strip with helicopter tours, the Grand Canyon or take a tour of Red Rock National Park. Maybe a little salty, but it will be an experience that will not be unforgettable for years.

Helicopter Tour on the Strip: A 15-minute helicopter tour at night, when the strip looks best, costs 89 USD, which includes champagne including the service. The score of more than 400 people who have made the tour is 4.6. Click to review and register the tour.

14. Explore Las Vegas from the balloon.

balloon tour What to do in Las Vegas

Last of what to do in Las Vegas post My cruise suggestion is for those who find the helicopter tour a little faster and want to spend more time in the sky.

The score of those who have done the tour, including pick-up and drop off and champagne service, is click to review and register for the 5th Round.

15. See Red Rock Canyon National Park.

What to do in Red Rock Canyon Las Vegas

Las Vegas is covered with modern buildings is not just a glamorous city with fun flowing all over. The city is in a place covered with huge canyons and deserts. Therefore, if you return without seeing the natural beauties around, your What to Do list will be a little incomplete.

Red Rock Canyon is another with its giant cliffs, vast deserts of all shades of yellow, orange and red. It is one of the beauties that are difficult to see on the ground.

If you want, choose one of the walking routes in the region and set out on the road, or take the car route in the national park. One way or another, see this extraordinary geography.


Therefore, it is a place where you can regret it if you don’t see it while you’ve been there.

Grand Canyon Tour: The tour package you can join for 104 USD per person includes transportation to the canyon, a light breakfast, entrance fee to the national park and lunch. including. The score of nearly 900 users who have taken the tour before is 4.5. Click to register for the tour.

Grand Canyon Tour by Helicopter: If your budget is available, or if you want to take a helicopter tour and see the Grand Canyon, 380 per person You can take the tour with USD fee. Nearly 800 users who took the tour, which included refreshments including champagne, scored 4.8 out of 5. Click to review and register the tour .

Briefly What to do in Las Vegas

What to do in Las Vegas blog,

The list of what to do in Las Vegas is full of gambling and nightlife activities of the city, but as you can see, there are also other entertainments.

The rest is up to your personal preferences.

While Neon Museum and Mob Museum are ideal for those interested in cultural activities, China Town appeals to gourmets. If your budget is high, I suggest you take a city tour by helicopter or a balloon.

I hope the What to Do list in Las Vegas helped you clarify your schedule. You can find other information you may need about the city in the following articles:

Las Vegas attractions .

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