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What to do in Los Angeles? Things to Do List

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What to do in Los Angeles? One of the sunny cities of Southern California, Los Angeles, in other words the “City of Angels”, has been the capital of the entertainment industry for nearly a century. However, its multicultural structure, rich shopping options and ocean climate are other details that make up the atmosphere of the city.

What to do in Los Angeles? Los Angeles, one of the sunny cities of Southern California, , in other words “ City of Angels ” has been the capital of the entertainment industry for nearly a century. However, its multicultural structure, rich shopping options and ocean climate are other details that make up the atmosphere of the city.

I can say that the list of things to do in Los Angeles is actually a combination of fun, enjoyable or cultural activities that arise from these different characteristics of the city. If the time and budget you can spend here are certain, let’s start planning.

Before I go to the list of things to do in Los Angeles, I want to give brief information about accommodation.

Accommodation: Hollywood, Santa Monica, Downtown, Venice Beach, Beverly Hills and West Hollywood are the best places to stay in the city. You can find very detailed information and advice on the subject in our article Where to stay in Los Angeles? .

Hotel: 3 ★ Residence Inn by Marriott , 4 ★ DoubleTree Suites by Hilton , 5 ★ Fairmont Miramar Hotel & Bungalows are some of the most popular hotels in the city…

Los What to do in Angeles

What to do in Los Angeles lsite

Made in Los Angeles Some of the most important things needed:

See Hollywood. Walk on Rodeo Drive. Take a nostalgic tour of Sunset Boulevard. See the houses of the celebrities. Visit the Universal Studios. See the Warner Bros Studios. . Have fun in Disneyland. Enjoy the sea at Venice Beach. Discover Santa Monica. Concert at Walt Disney Concert Hall. Go to a concert at the Hollywood Bowl. Discover prehistoric creatures at La Brea Tar Pits and the Page Museum. See Getty Center and Getty Villa. Drive an expensive car. See the city from the air.See Hollywood. hollywood tour Things to do in Los Angeles

to list what to do in Los Angeles The first item is to visit the Hollywood Region that made the city famous worldwide.

The region that can be considered a city in itself is the hill with the Hollywood text, Hollywood Boulevard and < strong> Chinese Theater as well as tourist attractions on each street.

However, the most striking among them is the Walk of Fame Road which may be your reason to go to Hollywood .

Walk of Fame , which has a star on behalf of names who have been stars in various fields, mostly from the film industry since 1958, is a place on Hollywood Boulevard and Vine Street. be.

If you’ve been to Hollywood, could there be a better start to a Las Vegas trip than searching for the names of your favorite stars on the road and taking their photos?


Take a nostalgic tour on Sunset Boulevard. What to do in Sunset Boulevard Los Angeles

What to Do in Los Angeles Another authentic region of his article is Sunset Boulevard in West Hollywood.

The iconic road, whose atmosphere is constantly renewed by being influenced by different rock genres of the 60s, 70s and 80s. Strong> Sunset Strip is the part you will remember from the movies with its neon-decorated signs, so you may want to see it in particular.

4. See the houses of famous stars.

Hollywood homes Things to do in Los Angeles

Let’s keep wandering around the Hollywood Area in What to Do in Los Angeles If you want, I guess the other thing you wouldn’t want to return without seeing is the famous star houses.

It is mostly located in West Hollywood and Beverly Hills Districts . Although the houses of the famous stars in the area – it would be more correct to say their mansions – are located in well-protected gigantic areas, you can visit it alone or with a tour.

The score of more than 100 users who took the tour is 4.1. Click to review and register the tour.

5. Visit Universal Studios.

What to do at Universal Studios Los Angeles

To the film industry in What to Do in Los Angeles It is a very suitable attraction for those who are interested, those who want to see the movie studios even if they are not interested, and of course families and children.

For tourists in this huge studio complex, the famous Universal Stuios In addition to specially designed playgrounds, up-to-date filming continues.

Universal Studios, which is full of world-renowned movies such as Jurrasic Park, Harry Potter, Back to the Future, or playgrounds where these films are created, has an intense Note that there may be long queues at the entrance as it is a tourist attraction Buying your ticket in advance saves you a lot of time.

Universal Studios Ticket: For all activities at Universal Studios for one full day, paying 109 USD per person (same as the official website price). you can join.

See Warner Bros Studios. What to do at Warner Bros Los Angeles

Inside the venues you have seen on the big screen In order to find yourself in a completely different world, the other address I will recommend you in the What to Do article in Los Angeles is another famous film studio Warner Bros .

Midwest Town, New York & Western or I recommend that you spend 3-4 hours on a movie studio tour where you can taste different flavors in different parts such as Picture Car Vaoult and get away from your daily troubles.

Warner Bros Studios Ticket: 3 hours at Warner Bros Studios The guided tour costs 69 USD. Nearly 1000 travelers who have already made the tour gave 4.4 points and they have the right to cancel up to the last 24 hours if your plans change. Click to review and register the tour.

7. Have fun at Disneyland.

Disneyland Things to do in Los Angeles

Disneyland should be at the top of the list of what to do in Los Angeles for families with children.

Since the 1950s, the theme park that has opened Disney characters and their worlds to visitors consists of two parts.

< Pirates of the Caribbean is a bit more adrenaline-filled with playgrounds designed based on movies like Space Mountain, based on older Disneyland Park and newer movies such as Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge, which opened in 2001 < strong> Disneyland California Adventure .Enjoy the sea and the sun at Venice Beach. What to do in Venice Beach Los Angeles

What to do in Los Angeles You can also add swimming and sunbathing to your list. The best address for this is Venice Beach . However, this 4-kilometer-long area is not just about the sea and the sun.

Shops, cafes and snack stalls where you can find all kinds of products, performance artists playing or dancing on the street, and the golden sand Muscle Beach and Venice Beach District is a paradise created in Los Angeles to eat a little, wander a little, see some people, be seen a little and have lots of sunbathing. So grab your shorts, your bathing suit, go and get some LA sun.

9. Explore Santa Monica.

What to do in Santa Monica Los Angeles

What to do in Los Angeles I want to talk about Another area to wander with pleasure is Santa Monica , which is also located on the seafront.

The region where mostly athletes, artists and working people live is the lively port, rich shopping and eating and drinking options make social life It is a region where it does not stop.

We can take those who are bored with the luxury and extravagant wealth show of the city and want to see a little “ normal ” places to Santa Monica

10 .

Go to a concert at Hollywood Bowl. What to do in Hollywood Bowl Los Angeles

Speaking of stock music, in What to Do in Los Angeles Let me also talk about a concert hall with a much wider range of music.

Hosting the Los Angeles Philharmonic Orchestra in the summer months, apart from that, it has been the stage of all the famous musicians you can think of, from the Beatles to Louis Armstrong. Hollywood Bowl is a concert hall with a capacity of 17,500 people, where a wide range of concerts from pop to jazza, rock to electronic music are given.

I hope there will be a concert that coincides with your travel dates. You will enjoy listening to it, but don’t worry if you don’t. You can taste how it feels to be here by visiting the Hollywood Bowl Museum and the concert hall.

12. Discover prehistoric creatures at La Brea Tar Pits and Page Museum.

La Brea Tar Pits Things to do in Los Angeles

If you are curious about prehistoric times and creatures that we can no longer see today, you can list La Brea Tar Pits Park (actually tar pits) and this park in your list of what to do in Los Angeles. field Page Museum .

La Brea Tar Pits is actually the tar pits that started 40 thousand years ago and preserved the animals trapped here intact. In the /

Page Museum , fossils of mammoths, sharp-toothed cats and various horrible wolves that lived 10 to 40 thousand years ago, as well as the skeletons of extinct animals outside the museum are on display.

Of course, you will see information supported by images and documents about the fossil formation process here.

Long story short, if you are interested in science and prehistoric animals, fossils, you are visiting the city with your children and want to take them to places that will stimulate their curiosity. You should definitely evaluate La Brea Tar Pits.


A museum with the most beautiful examples of European painting and sculpture as well as YY works of photography.

A copy of Roman period houses, Getty Villa contains works from the Stone Age to the Roman Empire in its collection.

14. Drive an expensive car.

what to do in Los Angeles car tour

What to do in Los Angeles Let’s go back to the luxurious and glamorous lives. After all, this is the most important trick in the city.

If you want to drive a car like Ferrari, Mc Laren or Maserati for once but see the possibility of buying one of them, the driving experience in Los Angeles is exactly what you need. For this, I suggest you:

Luxury Car Driving: You can drive 4 vehicles of Maserati, Ferrari, Lamborghini and Mc Laren for 3.5 hours by paying 299 USD per person. The package includes cars, guide service and light treats.

NOTE: Only one person can drive all 4 cars in turn. Let’s say 2 people go and you cannot drive 2 cars per person. Click to review and register the tour.


A very popular suggestion for this:

1-Hour Airplane Tour over Los Angeles: The total cost of a 2-person tour with small engine aircraft is USD 259.97, the scope of which is a 1-hour flight over the city. Flight. The score of 200 users who bought the package is 4.6. Click to sign up and review the tour.

Other Things to Do in Los Angeles

What to do in Los Angeles? I suggested a variety of popular and unpopular attractions and excursions that would suit different people’s expectations, but the city is so rich that you are not limited to that. If you wish;

You can tour Greystone Mansion , which is the scene of simultaneous murder and suicide, Paramount Pictures Studious tour, located in the east of Downtown Los Angeles and almost one You can wander around the Art District , which can be considered an open-air museum, see graffiti, relax in Griffith Park and see unusual animals in Los Angeles Zoo , < You can observe space exploration and studies at strong> California Science Center , have fun like children in Pacific Park , can visit the modern arts exhibition at The Broad , Comedy Store You can watch a stand up show at The Virgil, Sunset or The Laugh Factory.You will see the houses of the celebrities at this time.

If we continue from the places to be seen, do not neglect Sunset Boulevard .

I personally I don’t find it very interesting, but if you are interested in this industry or if you are going to visit the city with your children, you should visit at least one of Universal Studios or Warner Bros Studios .

If you have time left , if your budget is available, I recommend you to have a driving experience with luxury cars, you cannot forget this excitement and pleasure.

You can also visit La Brea Tar Pits and Getty Center . I would recommend it to anyone who wants to participate in at least one cultural activity or visit a museum in their travels.

In the article What to Do in Los Angeles, I tried to talk more about the enjoyable activities in the city. If you are going to Los Angeles in the coming days, it will be useful to read the following articles:

Places to visit in Los Angeles Where to stay in Los Angeles .

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