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What to do in Miami? List of Things to Do in Miami

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If you’re going to this sunny city soon and you’re researching what to do in Miami, you’re in luck. Miami, the most famous holiday destination in South Florida, is one of the paradises on earth, with its beaches, ever-sunny weather, blue sky, cultural life, history and Latin regions influenced by Cuba right next to it.

If you’re searching for what to do in Miami , you are very lucky. The most famous holiday destination in South Florida, Miami is one of the paradises on earth with its beaches, ever-sunny weather, blue skies, cultural life, history and Latin regions influenced by Cuba right next to it.

The list of things to do in Miami that I have prepared will help you to create a schedule to have a good time on your trip and to book some activities in advance if you want. Before going on to the list of things to do in Miami, I would like to give brief information about accommodation.

Accommodation South Beach, Miami Beach, Downtown, Brickell, Coral Gables and Coconut Grove are the most suitable for city accommodation. from places.

1. Travel the Miami Beach Area.

Miami Beach What to do in Miami

Halfway through Miami’s front to the Atlantic Ocean Located as an island and connected to the mainland by bridges, Miami Beach is a gigantic region, a district, although there is a beach both in its name and in it.

The most famous parts of the peninsula, which is generally composed of quiet, elite neighborhoods, are the beaches. Famous with South Beach and Art Deco Historic District .

If you are thinking about what to do in Miami, the first hours you will spend in the city Art Deco See the historic buildings from the 1930s and 1940s in the Historic District , wander along Miami Beach’s most famous street Ocean Drive , discover the area’s stylish shops and enjoy its cafes. your rest I suggest zi.

2. Go to the sea in South Beach.

Things to do in South Beach Miami

My second suggestion in the What to Do in Miami article is also actually an activity you can do in the Miami Beach Area.

See graffiti on Wynwood. What to do in Wynwood graffiti Miami

Once the region full of storage Wynwood For those who think about what to do in Miami, it is now a touristic spot to feast your eyes on.

The walls of the old warehouses decorated with colorful graffiti and paintings are known as Wynwood Walls and the region is vivid. It adds an air.

The 7500 square meter old warehouse walls decorated with the works of the best graffiti artists of the world brought together by Tony Goldman in 2009 are like an open-air museum and one of the rare places I would suggest you not to return without seeing. If you want to visit this region with a guide, my suggestion is:

Walking Tour in Wynwood: The guided walking tour, which costs 29 USD per person, takes 1.5 hours. The score of those who took the tour, where you can see the most interesting graffiti in the region and listen to their stories, is 4.6.

In fact, there is an advantage of visiting this open-air museum with a guide, which you can visit yourself and for free.

Therefore, it helps you see the works with a completely different eye by providing information about different art movements and perspectives. Besides, you can get detailed information about every graffiti you see and the style of the artist who made it. Click to review and register the tour.

4. Witness the cultural change in Little Havana.

Things to do in Little Havana Miami

My next recommendation in the What to Do in Miami post is ; Just a stone’s throw from neighboring Cuba’s tiny version of Little Havana and get a lot of Latin flair.

Little Havana Area, where the major attractions and entertainments are located on Calle Ocho Street is a region where you can walk hearing the Latin melodies rising from the shops throughout the day, taste Latin flavors in various restaurants and cafes that appeal to every budget, and you will think you are in Latin America with every inch.

Even if your trip will be in March, you are very lucky.

See the Vizcaya Museum and Gardens. What to do in Miami Vizcaya museum

In Miami, tastes and colors vary from person to person In the What to Do article, I try to include activities for almost every taste, one of which is for art lovers.

Located in a Renaissance style historical villa with 34 rooms, Vizcaya Museum has 15 and 19 in its collection. It includes European antiques and works of art from the centuries. The garden surrounding the museum, with its fountains, pools and sculptures, is in harmony with this Renaissance decor.

If you are interested in any kind of art, I recommend you to visit the Vizcaya Museum.

6 . See Coral Castle.

What to do in Coral Castle in Miami

An ordinary person has been carving for 28 years with his own tools. If you want to see the artworks he created, you should visit Coral Castle .

Coral, decorated with sculptures, walls and doors made by Edward Leedskalnin between 1923 and 1951 using about 1000 tons of limestone. The main building of the Castle is also the work of the same person.

The reason why I mentioned what to do in Miami and visited this place by so many tourists; The fact that no one knows how Leedskalnin made this house and the works he created from limestone.

The artist was so meticulous that his work remained a secret that he did not allow anyone to watch him while working.


You can take a boat tour that takes around 1-2 hours and wander around the Gulf of Viczaya and watch the important structures that make up the skyline of Miami, Fisher Island, Miami Beach, Miami Harbor, and the price of the boat tours varies between USD 25-30 and the tours are Bayside Marketplace Marina. It departs from .

If you want a bit of adrenaline, Viczaya Tour with speedboats is another alternative, rather than heavy boat tours where you will enjoy cruising. A popular suggestion for both:

Boat Tour: The tour lasts 1.5 hours, where you can wander around Vizcaya Bay and watch Miami with an audio guide. The score given by nearly 500 users who made the tour with a fee of 28 USD is 4.4. Click to register and review the tour.

Speedboat Tour: A 45-minute Speedboat tour off Miami costs 38 USD. The score of those who made the tour is 4.8 out of 5. Click to review and register the tour.

8. See the alligators in Everglades National Park.

Everglades National Park What to do in Miami

Location 1 hour from Miami area Everglades National Park What to do in Miami, which I can recommend for nature and animal lovers.

In fact, a shallow river flowing into the ocean and a 60-acre national park consisting of the surrounding swamps, crocodiles, snakes and It hosts a variety of bird species.

If you want to go to the park yourself without taking a tour, there is a visitor information center inside, and there are also tracks and sidewalks where you can walk safely in the park.

Especially < strong> Anhinga Walking Route is a preferred route as it is likely to see crocodiles and other predators, keep in mind.

You can also take a speedboat tour called Airboat to visit the new Everglades National Park.

A popular example of these tours:

Everglades National Park Airboat (Speedboat) Tour: The tour, which costs 24.99 USD per person, includes a guided national park tour by speedboat and a crocodile show. I recommend it because the chance to see wild animals is higher and you can get detailed information about these animals from the guide during the tour. The score of nearly 1200 users who made the tour is 4.3. Click to review and register the tour.

9. Shop at Outlet Stores.

Outlet avm Things to do in Miami

In fact, not just Miami, but any of America’s When you go to a city, you can go to the outlet shopping centers located a little further outside the city.

If you are fond of the products of a certain brand and this brand is also an American brand. Because you can find the end-of-line products of your favorite brand with discounts of up to 50-60%.

The outlet shopping centers that I can recommend to you in the What to do in Miami article are Sawgrass Mills Mall or Dolphin Mall .


Go to a concert at American Airlines Arena.

Things to do at American Airlines Arena Miami

What to do in Miami? My last suggestion is for music lovers. Actually, American Airlines Arena , which is the arena of the NBA’s Miami Heat team, is also the host of huge concerts.

The hall with a capacity of 20 thousand people is the world’s largest. and continues to host famous musicians. On this link * you can view the schedule of the upcoming concerts (or matches), buy tickets if you are interested, and enjoy the music.

Briefly What’s in Miami To do?

What to do in Miami blog, Things to do in Miami

I talked about various activities and places to see that appeal to different expectations However, if you still find it difficult to create a travel plan, you may consider your personal entertainment preferences.

First of all, regardless of personal preferences, I suggest anyone going to Miami to visit the Miami Beach Area .

More about the city; Places to visit in Miami and Where to stay in Miami ? You can find it in their articles. .

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