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What to Do in Rome? 12 Good Suggestions to Make

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What to do in Rome? Italy is the capital of Rome from all over the world, year attracts millions of tourists. The source of this attraction is, of course, the Roman Empire, which ruled the world for a long time in history, its legacy, the Vatican that has shaped the Catholic Christian Sect in the past and today, breathtaking artworks from the Renaissance, Gothic, Rococo and Baroque periods I can say that its fame has spread around the world and its unshakable place in the fashion industry, although Milan is not.

The city is extremely rich in terms of sightseeing, but you should not only see the tourist attractions and return from a trip to Rome. Apart from that, there are dozens of different activities you can do. Let’s move on to our list of things to do in Rome without further ado.

1. Explore the historic Roman streets.

What to do in Rome street tour What to do in Rome street tour

The historical areas of Rome are actually small enough to visit on foot.

So if you are going to Rome for the first time, leave certain points aside first.

Take a walk in this historical triangle, looking carefully around you, enjoying the streets and squares. So you can decide where you want to see in more detail and where you want to pass. Which takes no more than 3 hours to do this walk.

2. Visit the Colosseum.

What to do in the Colosseum in Rome What to do in Rome

Thanks to the Roman Empire Rome is very rich in historical buildings.

That is why this important building is at the top of our list of Places to visit in Rome .

Although its history dates back to 72 AD, it was made primarily for gladiator fights and wild animal fights, over time, various shows. This giant arena, which is also used for celebrations, is one of the landmarks of Rome.

The entrance fee of the Coliseum, which is beautiful inside and outside, where you can envision gladiatorial fights in your dreams when you sit on the audience stands and close your eyes, is 18 Euros site, 16 Euros at the box office (2021).

The ticket queue is too long at the box office. If you want to tour this fascinating arena, your options are endless, just one example:

Guided Tour of the Colosseum, Roman Forum and Paletine Hill: Let’s say you have limited time and also speak English rather than wandering around on your own. You also want to get information about the places you visited from a guide and ask if you have any questions. The 3-hour Colosseum, Roman Forum and Paletine Hill Tour is ideal for this.

Over 15 thousand users give 4.5 points, priority pass without waiting in line at the entrance to the Coliseum, live local guide and headphones in case you can’t hear the guide. including sets.

3. Visit the museums.

Museum visits Things to do in Rome

Museum trips things to do in Rome

In fact, some temples also serve as museums, but in the What to Do in Rome article I also wanted to devote a special item to museums.

Because in the city, which has the most elegant examples of Renaissance and Baroque art, Bellini, Caravaggio, Boticelli, Raphael, Bartolomeo, Donatelli, Bernini, Michaelangelo and Da Vinci. works of names are in abundance.

Go to opera. what to do in opera rome What is opera to do in Rome

I also recommend you to go to the opera performance in the country where classical music giants such as Vivaldi, Puccini, Bellini, Paganini grow up.

Rome ‘ The ideal address for this is Teatro dell ‘Opera di Roma . By purchasing your ticket online in advance, you also eliminate the risk of not being able to find a ticket at important performances.

5. Make wishes at the Trevi Fountain.

Trevi Fountain What to do in Rome Trevi Fountain What to do in Rome

Probably the most famous fountain in the world, Trevi , Classical and It’s a mix of Baroque architecture and a spot visited by every tourist who goes to Rome.

There are various rumors about it.

Though I am still waiting for my wish to come true…

6. Relax for a few hours with coffee or wine in the squares.

Square tour Things to do in Rome Square tour Things to do in Rome

in Italian You will pass through most of the squares called Piazza anyway. I recommend you to visit and see it for those who have not passed.

The places you should definitely see with the restaurants lined up around the square, the artists performing their art, the musicians you can see sometimes at sunset, the sculptures and the extraordinary atmosphere that brings the classical Italian aesthetics together with the tourist crowd.

The main ones are Piazza Navona , Piazza Spagna, Piazza Fontana di Trevi, Piazza Venezia, Piazza Campo dei Fiori, Piazza del Campidoglio, Piazza San Pietro, Piazza del Popolo, Piazza del Pantheon, Piazza Barberini, Piazza di Siena.

Sit in a cafe in one of these squares and watch yourself by saying a glass of wine or a cup of cappucino, you will enjoy the 1-2 hours you will spend.


I say country, but there is no border crossing and no visa is required.

The Vatican, the official residence of the Papacy, St. It also hosts thousands of artworks in numerous temples and chapels, especially the Pietro Basilica . Among the things you can see in the Vatican that I suggest you to take 1 day off are the Vatican Museums ( Sistine Chapel) , Castle of the Holy Angel , Apostolic Palace, apart from the Basilica of St. , Vatican Gardens and Necropolis .


Normally, if you want to buy the Vatican Museums ticket at the box office, the price is 17 Euros and you have to wait in the ticket queue for a long time. The sales price on the official website of the museum is 21 Euros and if you know one of the languages ​​English or Italian, you can buy the ticket in this way without any problem.

However, if your foreign language is not very good and you do not want to have problems with ticket sales or in case of last minute changes If you want to buy tickets from a place that offers “ free cancellation ” option, you can choose sites such as Getyourguide.

Peter’s Basilica, Vatican Museums and Sistine Chapel Tour: Tourists with limited time can visit the entire Vatican in 3 hours with the guidance and information provided by an experienced English-speaking guide.

Priority entrance to all buildings without waiting in line including free WiFi rights in some places. More than 30 thousand users who bought the tour before gave 4.4 points.

8. Shop at its markets.

Campo de Fiori street market What to do in Rome

Campo de Fiori street market What to do in Rome

In fact, every kind of shopping in Rome is unique It’s an experience, but it’s a pleasure to visit its markets.

Explore Tastevere. What to do in Trastevere area Rome What to do in Trastevere region Rome

To the west of the Tiber River, where all the touristic activities of Rome take place When you pass, you are in Trastevere Region .

You will see and feel how different the atmosphere is when you move inward a little. Trastevere, the city’s slightly more developed place in terms of accommodation, has a more bohemian atmosphere and is full of boutiques rich in wine, cheese, jewelry or jewelry, handcrafted decorations or souvenirs.

Cobblestone streets are smaller but extremely Also real Italy with cute squares.

Even if you don’t have any time, you should create half a day and discover Trastevere.

Note: Where to stay in Rome? , this district is Rome ‘ is one of the most popular places to stay. Excluding the difficulty of walking to the center, the region attracts great attention from young people, especially with its “lively nightlife”.

10 . Taste the flavors that Italian Cuisine has given to the world.

Local food Things to do in Rome Local food Things to do in Rome

Coffee, pizza, pasta, ice cream , tiramisu and much more.

Yes, we can eat these delicacies every day in Turkey.

After eating pizza in Rome, you can even say “ I have never eaten pizza “.

Moreover, here I talked about the famous Italian flavors spread around the world. There are dozens of delicious food and beverage options that you have not heard of yet in the city, which is very fond of palate and gives special importance to food.

More detailed writing on this subject What to eat in Rome ? link, but you should definitely enjoy eating in Rome.

11. Visit Cinecitta .

What to do in Rome Cinecitta What to do in Rome Cinecitta

Do you like Italian cinema? Whatever your personal opinion is, a culture that is mentioned in the world is Italian Cinema.

If Hollywood in America, Yeşilçam in our country, Bollywood in India, Italy has Cinecitta . .

Get away from Rome. Tuscany trip Things to do in Rome Tuscany trip Things to do in Rome

Okay, aren’t you bored, Rome ‘ from? If you go out of town a little bit, see the Italian countryside close to Rome, or reach out to other Italian cities?

At the end of the What to Do in Rome article, my suggestion for those who have more time is to go out with day trips. Moreover, if you don’t want to deal with organizing these trips, there are also ready-made tours.

Tuscany Tour from Rome: With a fee of 129 Euros per person, this tour may seem a bit expensive at first, but all day This tour includes a round trip by comfortable buses from Rome, English guide services, a trip to Montepulciano, a wine lunch at a Tuscan farm.

But I still want to list the essentials of a trip to Rome, even in one word. It can be useful for those with limited time or budget.

First of all, there are many buildings in Rome that you will not only see from outside, but you will go inside and visit. So if you need to save time, get an affordable guided tour. Thus, you can put aside the troubles such as “ what was where, what next, where would we turn now ” and you can make fast and efficient tours with the guidance of the guide.

When you are ready to go to Rome without seeing it. What you should not return without doing; First of all, Vatican tour , if you have the opportunity, be sure to Coliseum , tour the city’s historical streets and squares, meanwhile Spanish Steps and Trevi Fountain You must see>, eat pasta or pizza in these squares, tasting delicious Italian coffees or wines.

If you can create a little more time, less touristic but very enjoyable region of Rome Trastevere Don’t forget to visit>.

Throughout the article on what to do in Rome, I tried to share detailed information about things to do in Rome, the popular capital of Italy.

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