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What to Eat in Rome? Most Popular Local Dishes

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What to eat in Rome? Travel and Saw
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What to eat in Rome Panini Suppli (Fried Rice Balls) Mortazza TrapizzinoTigellePizza Pasta (Pie) RisottoMinestrone Soup Fried Artichoke Saltimbocca Alla Romana Ice Cream (Gelato) Tirapisu < > What to eat in Rome? Since it is a typical city of a typical Mediterranean country, although not by the sea, Roman food culture is not far from our taste buds.

Pastries , plenty of vegetables and greenery, the large area of ​​tomatoes in Italian cuisine, the method of cooking method of baking are among the factors that are very similar to Turkish food and beverage culture. We can say that the differences are the differences that usually stem from being a Christian.

The abundance of options that will appeal to all tastes as a touristic capital makes it easier for those who visit the city. However, I should also mention that all of Italy has a dominant character in food and drink , therefore, although there are restaurants belonging to other cuisines such as Turkish, Indian, Lebanese in Rome or other Italian cities, the number and proportional less than a Northern European city.

After this brief summary, let’s move on to the list of what to eat in Rome from pizzas to snacks, from pasta to desserts.

Important Note : This content has been prepared to inform about local Italian and Roman flavors. It does not constitute an advisory. The foods mentioned below may contain pork fat . Or even if the food is beef, etc., it may not be halal.

If you are sensitive like us, you may prefer vegetables and desserts instead of foods containing meat etc. Without further ado, let’s talk about what options you have during your visit to this city by saying what to eat in Rome .

What to eat in Rome?

< guide to what to eat in Rome, local italian rome food

In Rome, the world-famous beautiful and popular capital of Italy Some of the most famous local delicacies you can find:

PaniniSuppli (Fried Rice Balls) MortazzaTrapizzinoTigellePizza Pasta (Pasta) RisottoMinestrone Soup, Enginar FryingSaltimbocca Alla RomanaIce Cream (Gelato) Tiramisu

Detailed information about eating in Rome

You can find it in our article titled Rome food guide .


Local Italian Roman food Panini

If you want Panini which is actually a sandwich It can be made with ingredients containing meat, vegetables or cheese if you wish.

If you want to eat a good panini, you should choose places that prepare it specially for you and serve it hot.

The two best options I can recommend for panini in the city are;

Duecentogradi , Piazza del Risorgimento 3, 00192 Rome Panini Divino , Via Dei Gracchi 11 / a | Angolo Via Ottaviano, 00192 Rome

Suppli (Fried Rice Balls)

What to eat in Rome Suppli

Another popular snack you can find in Rome is fried rice balls Suppli.

Suppli, which usually includes tomatoes and mozzarella cheese, is both cheap, tasty and for travelers. You can eat the most delicious Suppli in the city at Suppli , which you can immediately recognize from the long queue in front of it. Address: Via di San Francesco a Ripa 137, 00153 Rome

Another option is Supplizio , Address: Via dei Branchi Vecchi 143, 00186 Rome

< strong> Mortazza

Local Italian Roman food Mortazza

Mortazza is actually a salami that you can consume on the street. Slang pronunciation of the snack Mortadella .

(Address: Via del Casale Giuliani, 29, 00141 Rome) Il Fornaio is another suggestion. (Address: 5 Via dei Baullari)


What to eat in Rome Trapizzino

Another snack I would like to mention in the article What to eat in Rome is Trapizzino . While the most famous food of the country is adapting pizza to fast consumption – and in fact, the pizza itself is fast enough consumption – it is an option that emerged with Italian creativity.

It is obtained by making a pizza slice suitable for eating on the street and filling the inside with different ingredients. Trapizzino, which we can also call a kind of pizza sandwich, can be prepared with cheese, chicken, eggplant and many more.

The place where you can try the most delicious trapizzino in Rome is Trapizzino Testaccio , address: Via Giovanni Branca 88, 00153 Rome.


What to eat in Rome Tigelle

The last street food I will talk about in the article” What to eat in Rome “is Tigelle .

Tigella, which is crispy on the outside and soft on the inside, is another cheap and tasty snack.

Mozao makes the most delicious tigaos you can taste in Rome. Address: Esquilino – Termini, Rome


Local Italian Roman cuisine pizza

Actually, I am not sure how necessary it is to explain pizza . This pastry dish, which we all know and consume frequently, can become suitable for every taste because it can be prepared with hundreds of different ingredients. You should not return from his homeland Italy without trying pizza.

The hometown of pizza in the country is Naples . Pizzas in Rome are cooked with thinner doughs and close to burning compared to Napoli. However, in terms of the ingredients used, it is still very fresh and delicious.

If you want, you can continue to tour the city by ordering pizza in any cafe and consume it quickly, or you can enjoy it for a long dinner. It has a structure that suits every occasion.

My three favorite pizzerias are;

Pizza & Mortazza , Via del Casale Giuliani, 29, 00141 Rome Pizzeria Romana al Taglio , Via del Governo Vecchio 10, 00186 Rome La Boccaccia , Via di Santa Dorotea 2, 01153 Rome

Pasta (Cake)

Local Italian Roman food pasta

Dozens of varieties such as curly, long, penne, spaghetti pasta , It was flavored with dozens of different sauces and introduced to the world by Italian cuisine.

However, you should also try the pasta, which is also called “ cake “, in Rome.

Sauces special to Rome, which I can say you can eat here are the most delicious sauces with olive oil and black pepper Cacio e Pepe. , for those who can eat pork Pie alla Gricia , bucatini all’Amatriciana with tomatoes and onions and Cake Carbonara with eggs

The restaurants where you can try the most delicious pastas are;

Osteria da Fortunata , Via del Pellegrino, 11, 00186 Rome Maccheroni , Piazza delle Coppelle, 44, 00186 Rome


Local Italian Roman food Risotto

Made with rice and other optional ingredients < strong> Risotto is another Italian dish close to our taste buds. You should definitely try it on your trip to Rome.

The most famous and unique options of Risotto in Rome, which you can try with fresh vegetables or seafood, are; Pumpkin risotto, mushroom risotto or seafood risotto.

My two suggestions where you can try the best risotto in Rome are:

Sofia , Via di Capo le Case 51, Rome < strong> Ristorante Alessio : Via del Viminale, 2 / g, 00184 Roma

Minestrone Soup

Local Italian Roman Food Minestrone Soup

Italy’s famous vegetable soup that has spread all over the world Minestrone is also a safe dish for those who avoid eating pork as it does not contain meat.

< Although it has different applications, it is essentially obtained by mixing more than one vegetable.Therefore, it is satisfying, nutritious and delicious.

My favorite minestrone soup was at the restaurant Osteria da Fortunata , address: Via del Pellegrino, 11, 00186 Rome

< h3> Fried Artichoke

Local Italian Roman food fried artichoke

In the article what to eat in Rome It’s time to talk a little bit about options that have not spread their reputation around the world. Fried Artichoke is one of them. It is hard to find a vegetable dish that does not contain artichoke in Rome.

They frequently use the fried artichoke, baked, cooked in a pot, in short, all kinds of artichokes. Artichoke fries, which is the gift of the Jewish population in the city, is one of the most delicious of these options.

Although it is a bit heavy and high-calorie vegetable dish, you can also see it as a safe option.

For this, I can recommend it. place;

Nonna Betta , Via del Portico d’Ottavia, 16, 00186 Rome

Saltimbocca Alla Romana

What to eat in Rome Saltimbocca Alla Romana

First off, Saltimbocca alla Romana contains Prosciutto made from pork.

So if you want to try it, you can also choose by asking the waiter.

The places where you can taste the most popular Saltimbocca alla Romana of the city are;

Saltimbocca , Via di Tor Millina 5, 00186 Rome Cantina e Cucina , Via del Governo Vecchio 87, 00186 Rome

Ice Cream (Gelato)

What is ice cream in Rome

You can also think of ice cream as “ gelato “, the Italian for ice cream, but gelato in Rome is slightly different from the ice cream we know. Gelato, which is thicker and more elastic than normal ice cream, is also fresher. Because it is produced less in quantity and consumed quickly.

Gelato, a dessert that Italians are proud of, is one of the foods you must try in Rome.

In fact, even any ice cream shop offers extremely delicious options, but If you are looking for a high score option;

Gelateria del Teatro , Via dei Coronari, 65-66, 00186 Rome Gelateria Come il Latte , Via Silvio Spaventa 26, 00187 Rome


What to eat in Rome Tiramisu

The most popular in the country and worldwide its famous dessert Tiramisu was one of the options that should definitely be included in the article on what to eat in Rome.

Made with cocoa, espresso, mascarpone cheese and wine, Tiramisu literally means “ revive me “, which is thought to be because it contains two caffeinated ingredients such as cocoa and espresso.

Two places I can recommend for a delicious tiramisu are:

Cafe Barberini , Via Marmorata, 41, 00153 Rome Trattoria da Enzo , Via dei Vascellari, 29, 00153 Rome

All information you may need during your trip to Rome;

Places to visit in Rome Where to stay in Rome What to do in Rome < You can read it in our articles titled strong> Rome travel guide ..

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