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Where to stay in Akyaka? Regions and Hotel Recommendations

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Where to stay in Akyaka guide
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Where to stay in Akyaka? 1. Akyaka Center 2. Akbuk Cove 3. Akçapınar 4. Where to stay in Akyaka?

Muğla ‘s small paradise Akyaka accommodation is right if you need advice you are at the place In this guide, you can find the answer to the question Where to stay in Akyaka and suggestions for Akyaka hotels down to the finest details.

A holiday in the Aegean is the most peaceful and enjoyable one. You have hundreds of options for accommodation in Akyaka, a district of Ula district. Hostels, boutique hotels, luxury hotels, camping sites or house rentals. Whatever your budget and preference is, you will easily find an option that suits you.

As much as I can throughout the guide, based on both my personal experience and my research, we recommend you to stay in Akyaka . I will be giving it.

I hope you can find a suitable facility and have a pleasant holiday.

Akyaka Center

Akyaka center accommodation

My first suggestion to those who say where to stay in Akyaka As you can guess, Akyaka center is the most vibrant and popular area of ​​Akyaka, which is the most preferred, and indeed the most logical and enjoyable option for accommodation in Akyaka, Akyaka center !

. Akyaka center is in the ideal location for eating and drinking in Akyaka, shopping and, of course, places to visit and swim in Akyaka.

When this is the case, accommodation alternatives in Akyaka center are as many and varied. !

Let me just mention from the beginning, there are no facilities such as big holiday villages, luxury and gigantic hotels in any region of Akyaka, including Akyaka center. again boutique hotel and pension style.

Let’s get to the atmosphere of the center of Akyaka, what kind of environment awaits you if you are going to choose a hotel in the center of Akyaka…

First of all, the most striking thing in Akyaka center is the one type spread throughout the region, Akyaka houses.

Akyaka Woman’s Azmağı is one of the must-see places in Akyaka with its ice-clear waters, lush nature, both above and below ground life, riverside restaurants, canoe tours and many more features.

Akyaka Harbor, Akyaka Bazaar, Akyaka Beach, Çınar Beach, Akbük Bay, Küfe Bay, Akyaka Forest Camp or Akyaka National Park, also known as Akyaka National Park, are other places that you can easily reach by staying in the center of Akyaka. It is also very attractive for accommodation with its alternatives! You have many options from seaside taverns to riverside restaurants, from places in the bazaar to small coffee shops.

My personal recommendation is that you should definitely have a meal at one of the riverside restaurants and in the bazaar, in Bisem Tarım Café, opposite the Akyaka Rock Tombs. Drinking a coffee from Mrs.’s hand.

What about Where to stay in Akyaka center? We can divide it into 3 regions: Akyaka Limanı location , Akyaka Bazaar area and Eski Maden Pier location .

If you want to be in the center of the action and experience the facilities of Akyaka center to the fullest, you should take a look at the hotels around Akyaka Port and Akyaka Bazaar.

If you are curious about my suggestions for Akyaka central hotels, you can take a look at the alternatives below.


The most popular hotels in this region:

2 ★ Erdem Hotel: If you are looking for an affordable hotel in the center of Akyaka, you can check out this ideal property with its facilities and central location. For detailed information and reservation click.

3 ★ Elif Hanım Hotel & Spa: Located in a relatively quiet area of ​​Akyaka center, this property is surrounded by lush nature. offers a luxurious accommodation experience from the outdoor pool to the rooms with jacuzzi. For detailed information and reservation, click .

3 ★ Mandalin Akyaka Hotel: Serving in one of the iconic Akyaka houses, this property is one of the most ideal options in terms of price performance. someone. For detailed information and reservation, click.

4 ★ Kerme Ottoman Konak – Boutique Class: is looking for a luxury hotel in Akyaka If you want to choose a facility, this option on the bank of the stream will be just for you. For detailed information and reservation, click .

4 ★ Yücelen Hotel: This facility is a few minutes walk from Akyaka Beach, which I will recommend for the central hotel in Akyaka. It is 5 minutes away from Azmak Creek by car. For detailed information and reservation, click .


Because Akbük Bay is one of the bluest and greenest options you can choose for accommodation in Akyaka!

Akbük Bay is in the north of Gökova Bay, 25 km from Akyaka center strong> away. It is one of the most popular of the virgin bays that you can explore for 25 km and beyond.

Since most of the bays are protected areas, construction is very little. There are big hotels, buildings, numerous restaurants and shops here. You can find only a few markets and restaurants in the vicinity.

There are bungalow , hostel and camp establishments for accommodation in Akbük Bay. Prices vary according to its proximity to the sea and breakfast options, but it is possible to find an option for every budget.

Especially if you like camping, camping in Akbük Bay is an experience that every camp lover should try! However, keep in mind that you cannot set up tents everywhere except the areas belonging to camping businesses.

If your choice for accommodation in Akyaka will be among Akbük Bay hotels, there is something you need to be careful about. Since hotels do not provide all-inclusive service and there are a number of restaurants and markets around, prices are more expensive than outside.

If you do not have a car, you can reach by minibuses, but it may not be very comfortable, especially for families with children or people with special conditions.

If you need one-to-one suggestions for a hostel, boutique hotel, bungalow or camping area in Akbük Bay, take the following list.

The most popular hotels in this region:

Geko Akbük: This facility, which serves with bungalows with extraordinary design, is Akbük It is located in a lush green environment a few steps away from the Bay. If you want to stay alone with the sea, the stars and nature, you should definitely check it out.

Barbaros Pension: If you are thinking of accommodation by the sea in Akyaka, it can be said to be quite affordable, located on the shore of Akbük Bay. Give this facility a chance.

Azmakbaşı Camping: This facility, which I can sincerely recommend for accommodation in Akbük, offers both tent and bungalow accommodation alternatives. Located in the most enjoyable spot of Akbük Bay, the property also has family-style bungalows for families and crowded groups. For detailed information and reservation, click .

Akbük Fullmoon Bungalow Camping: Another alternative that offers camping opportunity with modern bungalows and tents is a 5-minute walk from the sea. Provides service in the green.

Zeytindalı Akbük Beach & Boutique Hotel: For those who do not want a bungalow or camping option, this small room is located in Akbük Bay, surrounded by olive trees, by the sea. I can recommend the facility.


Some facilities also have rental items for kitesurfing and contracted courses.

Apart from kitesurf, you can rent canoes in Akçapınar and take a stroll through the fascinating regions of Azmak, which are called “Amazon” . Apart from nature walks, you can do paragliding or just enjoy the surrounding beaches and coves.

Those who prefer accommodation in Akçapınar will also be advantageous in terms of eating, drinking and shopping opportunities. Especially the famous Akçapınar Toaster, seaside fishermen, boutique shops, local shops and much more will be waiting for you.

If you are curious about my suggestions for Akçapınar hotels, you can check the list below.

The most popular hotels in this area:

Sesam Suites Hotel: Located in a quiet area of ​​Akçapınar, within iconic Akyaka houses, this facility is furnished with wooden details and has a jacuzzi. Ideal for accommodation with its stylish rooms, outdoor pool and pleasant common areas. For detailed information and reservation, click .

Altın Mansions: Altın Konakları is located 30 minutes’ walk from Akçapınar Beach.

Gokova Center

Accommodation in Gökova Akyaka

” Where to stay in Akyaka ? ” Greetings with Gökova !

Although Gökova and Akyaka are mentioned together as if they are the same place, they are actually very close to each other, two different towns.

Gökova It is located approximately 6 km from Akyaka. If you want a less touristic place to stay in Akyaka, Gökova hotels are among the options you should check out.

There are many alternatives in Gökova, from restaurants and cafes for eating and boutiques to shops. However, when you look at it as a general environment, this place is more local and calmer.

The prominent feature for accommodation in Gökova is detached houses. If you want to rent a house in Akyaka, you can find an alternative suitable for your budget and taste among the Gökova villas.

Its outdoor pool and garden are very pleasant, the interior and exterior decoration of the house is both stylish and authentic.

4 ★ Kerme Ottoman Gökova: Serving in an orange garden in Gökova, Designed in Ottoman style, this facility is a pleasant option with its elegant rooms and luxurious service. For detailed information and reservation, click .

4 ★ Padok Premium Hotel and Stables: If you are looking for a luxury hotel in Akyaka, it is located in Ataköy Village in Gökova. You can give this facility a chance. For detailed information and reservation, click .

Transport in Akyaka

Accommodation in Akyaka and transportation around

Transportation details in Akyaka can make it easier for you to choose the facility you prefer for accommodation.

Transportation in Akyaka minibuses and taxis < Provided with / strong>.

Apart from these, you can choose bike rental in Akyaka since Akyaka is a small town or you can easily reach anywhere you want by walking .

If you have the opportunity, my suggestion is to rent a car. Thus, you can visit the four corners of Akyaka and of course the surrounding areas to your heart’s content.

If I will discuss the transportation details in Akyaka in detail:

Akyaka is the most ideal accommodation in terms of transportation. region Akyaka center. The most troubled region is Akbük Bay. Akçapınar and Gökova are also convenient in terms of transportation, but of course the main center of the town is not as much as Akyaka center.

Akyaka Hotel Deals & Reservation

Where to stay in Akyaka reservation

If you are wondering where to stay in Akyaka, Akyaka hotel prices and the subject of booking are probably the most troubling parts of your mind, but you don’t have to worry!

Akyaka hotel prices are on average to make every budget happy. A few clicks will be enough for hotel reservations in Akyaka.

If I start with hotel prices in Akyaka, I must first state that the prices vary from season to season, from public holidays to holidays, as in every summer holiday resort.

There are more affordable alternatives that will only put your mind on, as well as alternatives that provide more luxurious services with higher prices.

But let me remind you again, I mean luxury service, not resorts or luxury chain hotels. There are no such facilities in Akyaka. Again, there are options that we can call boutique hotel-like or pension-style decoration, facilities and services more luxurious.

If you are looking for an affordable hotel in Akyaka, I recommend you to take a look at Akyaka center area. Since the most options are here, it will be more possible to find an alternative suitable for your budget.

If you want to escape to luxury, my suggestion is to consider the option of renting a villa in Akyaka. Prices for rental villas in Akyaka also vary depending on the number of rooms and location of the villa, but on average, I can say 600 TL per night for 4 people .

Of course remember, it is the most expensive with early booking. You can find even more affordable options.

Speaking of early booking, let’s talk about hotel reservations in Akyaka.

My suggestion for hotel reservation in Akyaka is Being a very reliable site, offers you different booking sites through a single platform and allows you to compare.

You reach numerous accommodation facilities and provide comparison for prices.

By searching Akyaka hotels, you can find the most suitable alternative to your budget and taste within minutes and make a reservation quickly by taking advantage of opportunities such as early booking and free cancellation.

Summary Where to stay in Akyaka?

I saw where to stay in Akyaka

” Akyaka ‘ where to stay? ” You can find a summary of everything I have mentioned at length throughout the guide here, and you can find a quick answer for your vacation plan.

There are 4 ideal places for accommodation in Akyaka: Akyaka center , Akbük Bay , Akçapınar and Gökova.

If you want to stay in the most active and central place of Akyaka Akyaka center Check it out.

Sea, nightlife, places to visit, eating and drinking, shopping… Enjoy the sea in Akyaka Beach , enjoy nature in the Azmak Creek . Spend your evening either with a meal in a tavern or having fun in the not very lively places of Akyaka nightlife .

If your dreams for Akyaka holiday are decorated with deep blue sea and lush nature, Akyaka center is the sea, sun, It may not satisfy you in terms of sand.

One of the most beautiful bays of Akyaka, Akbük Bay is one of the regions that will best meet such a dream. You can stay in bungalow type hotels, tiny pensions and camping areas in Akbük Bay, which is an untouched, green and blue bay.

The negative side of accommodation in Akbük Bay is that transportation is a bit difficult. Prices are expensive, as there are limited markets and restaurants around. If you have a vehicle or you have stored all your needs, no problem.

Let’s get to the last suggestions of the guide Akçapınar and Gökova .

Akçapınar Literally Akyaka kitesurf is the ideal accommodation area for those who have a master plan.

Moreover, this place is as beautiful as Akyaka but less touristic, more local.

Speaking of less touristic, let’s move on to Gökova, the last suggestion of the guide. Gökova is 6 km from the center of Akyaka and generally Gökova – Akyaka are mentioned together as if they were the only place. As you can understand, it is so similar, so close.

The feature of staying in Gökova is exactly less touristic, more peaceful but also incredibly close to the center and everywhere.

Akyaka While summarizing where to stay, I wanted to create a summary list for Akyaka hotels:

For those who want a luxury hotel in Akyaka center 4 ★ Kerme Ottoman Palace For those looking for a central hotel in Akyaka Kiraz Blossom Boutique Akyaka For those looking for a hotel by the sea in Akyaka Baga Hotel For those who want to enjoy the sea in Akbük Bay Azmakbaşı Camping For those who are looking for a kitesurf hotel in Akyaka, Akçapınar Kite Beach Hotel

Throughout the article where to stay in Akyaka, I briefly listed all the regions where you can stay in the region and my hotel recommendations that appeal to every budget.

Traveling and seeing in the region Detailed information and photos of places to visit Akyaka Attractions | Top 15 Places! You can read it in our article titled.


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