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Where to Stay in Ibiza? Regions and Hotel Recommendations

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guide to where to stay in ibiza, areas to stay in ibiza
Table of Contents
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Where to Stay in Ibiza 1. Ibiza Town 2. Santa Eularia des Riu 3. Sant Antoni de Portmany 4. Platja d’en Bossa 5. Es Cana 6. Portinatx7. Where to stay in Ibiza?

Where to stay in Ibiza? The most popular member of the Balearic Islands in the Mediterranean Ibiza is a holiday paradise that owes its reputation largely to its beautiful beaches and nightlife that often exceeds the limits of madness.

Spain is the only landlock, especially in the summer months. It welcomes travelers whose aim is to have fun. In addition to this group, those who want to have a calm holiday in the shadow of natural beauties and unique architecture do not hesitate to travel to the island.

As such, due to the increasing intensity with the start of the season, one question occupies the minds of travelers. it says: “Where to stay in Ibiza?”

Where to stay in Ibiza?

map locations of where to stay in Ibiza map of where to stay in ibiza.These are: The lively center of the island Ibiza Town ; Santa Eularia des Riu where tranquility is at the forefront; Sant Antoni de Portmany with budget friendly hotels ; Platja d’en Bossa for those who want to experience the nightlife; Es Cana , which offers families the safe environment they seek; ideal for those looking for affordable accommodation options Portinatx ; Located near the heart of the island, the humble Talamanca.

1. Ibiza Town

where to stay in ibiza Ibiza Town hotels

Ibiza Town appeals to travelers of all age groups, especially entertainment enthusiasts and gastronomy enthusiasts, with its rich content. In this way, it has been the most preferred accommodation area of ​​the island for a long time.

If you decide to stay in this part of the island in order to be in touch with the lively atmosphere, you can enjoy the sea at the beaches during the daytime or in Baluard. You can spend it by visiting Sant Pere

, Museu Puget , Puig des Molins , Museo Arqueologico de Formentera .Also, this part of Ibiza Town is considered to be among the most ideal places to view.

The most popular hotels in this area:

3 ★ Casa Klod: Booking.com score 9.4. The holiday home, which is about a 15-minute walk from the harbor, is appreciated by travelers with its comfort and hygiene level. Click for information and reservation. 3 ★ Hotel Playasol Lei Ibiza – Adults Only: Booking.com rating 8.3. The adult-only hotel, 100 meters from Figueretas Beach, includes spacious accommodation units with a wide range of motion. Click for information and reservation. 4 ★ Sud Ibiza Suites: Booking.com rating 9.0. Located close to the beach, the apart hotel stands out with its luxurious facilities. In addition, all rooms of the hotel have a fully equipped kitchen. Click for information and reservation. 4 ★ 105 Suites: Booking.com rating 9.2. The facility, which is 800 meters from Ibiza Town and only 100 meters from the port, offers high-comfort and modern designed apartments to travelers. Click for information and reservation. 5 ★ Hotel Mirador de Dalt Vila: Booking.com rating 9.5.For information and reservation, click .

2. Santa Eularia des Riu

where to stay in ibiza Santa Eularia des Riu hotels

If you are going on vacation with your family, “Where to stay in Ibiza?” It may be a better choice for you to search the question within the boundaries of Santa Eularia des Riu . Because this place has a much quieter air compared to most of the settlements on the island.

The facilities in the third largest accommodation area of ​​the island also serve all year round. Therefore, if you intend to take a vacation in Ibiza during periods other than the busy summer season, you can choose among the hotels here with peace of mind to spend pleasant days.

All around Santa Eularia des Riu, Iglesia del There are many historical buildings such as Puig de Missa and Pont Vell that will allow you to get to know the local architecture.

Of course, Platja de Santa Eulàlia is the favorite of those who want to enjoy the sea. With / strong> you should not skip Punta des Farallò Beach .

The holiday home is within walking distance of two popular beaches in the area. Moreover, despite its central location, travelers can enjoy the tranquility here. Click for information and reservation. 3 ★ Apartamentos Ros: Booking.com score is 9.1. Featuring a balcony and fully equipped kitchen in all apartments, the property is located just 50 meters from Els Pins Beach. Click for information and reservation. 4 ★ Catalonia Royal Ses Savines – Adults Only: Booking.com rating 9.5. Serving for adults only, the hotel is located in a great location that reveals the magnificent view of the harbor and Formentera Island. Click for information and reservation. 4 ★ Holiday home S’Hort des Baladres: Booking.com rating 9.7. The holiday home has become one of the favorites of travelers thanks to its traditional architecture and peaceful environment. Click for information and reservation. 5 ★ Agroturismo Atzaró: Booking.com score 9.0. The country house, each of which is decorated in a different style, has a very quiet and peaceful atmosphere. For information and reservation, click .


Because compared to the south of the island, overnight accommodation prices are quite reasonable in the region where transportation to Ibiza Town and the airport is very convenient.

Sant Antoni de Portmany is the cafe del Mar where you can enjoy the sunset view with relaxing music. It hosts iconic venues of the island such as Ibiza Rocks , which hosts crazy parties.

Of course, apart from these two venues, this part of the island offers many more fun-filled opportunities Don’t forget that he’s waiting for you.

The most popular hotels in this area:

3 ★ Hotel Gran Sol: Booking.com rating 9.2 . With a distance of 100 meters from the beach, the boutique hotel exceedingly meets expectations in terms of price / performance. Click for information and reservation. 4 ★ Palladium Hotel Palmyra – Adults Only: Booking.com rating 9.0. The hotel for adults provides service at an equal distance to the beach and the settlement. Click for reservation. 4 ★ Hotel Sa Clau by Mambo: Booking.com rating 9.0.Click for reservation. 5 ★ Agroturismo Sa Talaia: Booking.com rating 9.4. Comfort is at the forefront in the farmhouse, which is a 5-minute drive from the settlement center. Moreover, the food and atmosphere are also very good. For information and reservation, click .

4. Platja d’en Bossa

Platja d'en Bossa hotels where to stay in ibiza

When Ibiza is mentioned, the first thing that comes to mind is unlimited fun. Regardless of which part of the island you are in, you can often encounter various opportunities. However, when the word speaks of the magnificent party organizations that can attract the attention of travelers from all age groups, Platja d’en Bossa immediately stands out.

This beautiful beach and its surroundings, which are very close to the center of the island, who want to experience “Where to stay in Ibiza?”

The party facilities around the longest beach of the island look really fascinating.

The apartments in the facility, 200 meters from the beach, are very clean and have a comfortable movement area. Click for information and reservation. 4 ★ Tropicana Ibiza Suites: Booking.com rating 9.1. The boutique hotel, located very close to the beach, gains the appreciation of the travelers with its decoration and comfort. Click for information and reservation. 4 ★ Dorado Ibiza Suites: Booking.com rating 8.9. The accommodation units of the hotel with a high level of comfort for adults have original designs with music themes. Moreover, it is very close to the beach. For information and reservation, click .

5. Es Cana

Es Cana hotels accommodation in Ibiza

Santa Eularia Es Cana , which covers a small area on the beach, is the “Where to stay in Ibiza?” It is a very cute and peaceful area that they can include in their research.

Around the beach, there are hotels that generally serve with an all-inclusive system.

Moreover, the shallow sea creates a safe environment especially for families with children. There are also facilities for children around the beach.

The region owes its real reputation to Hippie Market , which is established every week. You can have beautiful handmade items through the market, which is one of the main attractions on the island where shopping lovers show great interest.

The most popular hotels in this region:

3 ★ Zodiac Apartments: Booking.com rating 8.8. The family business overlooks a small bay with great views. There are many bars and restaurants within a 5-minute walk of the property. Click for information and reservation. 3 ★ Hotel Caribe: Booking.com rating 8.2. The hotel, which is 100 meters from the beach and 250 meters from the Hippie Bazaar, is appreciated by the travelers with its large rooms and friendly staff. Click for information and reservation. 4 ★ AluaSoul Ibiza – Adults Only: Booking.com rating 8.4. Offering a perfect accommodation experience for adults with its activities and comfort, the hotel operates 3.5 kilometers from the market.The modern hotel with a bright atmosphere is just 100 meters from Es Canar Beach. Click for reservation. 5 ★ Bless Hotel Ibiza: Booking.com rating is 8.5. Luxury hotel directly overlooking the Mediterranean Sea and Tagomago Island; It attracts travelers with its fun-filled ambience, great food, and modern room designs. For information and reservation, click .

6. Portinatx

Portinatx hotels Accommodation in Ibiza

Playa located on the north side of the island de Portinatx attracts the attention of travelers who want to have a pleasant holiday experience with an average budget.

If you want the region where you will stay to include all the facilities that make the island unique in reasonable amounts, “Where to stay in Ibiza?” For your research, I can say that you will not find a better option than Portinatx .

If you are in search of an alternative place where you can enjoy the sea in Portinatx, where the sincere air is prominent, you can visit Playa Cala Xarraca / strong> or S’Illot d’es Rencli Beach .

Similarly, you can find plenty of options all over the region for food and drink, entertainment and shopping.

Revealing the magnificent view of the bay, the hotel offers its guests easy access to the beach and a very calm atmosphere. Click for information and reservation. 4 ★ Sandos El Greco: Booking.com rating 8.7. The stylish hotel appeals to travelers looking for an adult-only resort with direct access to a beautiful white sand beach. Click for information and reservation. 4 ★ Barceló Portinatx – Adults Only: Booking.com score 9.0. Most of the rooms in the hotel serving adults have sea views. For information and reservation, click .

7. Talamanca

Talamanca hotels Accommodation in Ibiza

Talamanca “Where to stay in Ibiza?” The last accommodation area that I would suggest you to examine to guide your research. The district, which is popular with its affordable accommodation options and family-friendly structure, is located in the north of Ibiza Town.

Talamanca actually exhibits a touristic similar profile to Portinatx.

Therefore, families with children can safely enjoy the sea, just like in Es Cana.

When it comes to having fun, travelers tend to the top places of the island like Pacha Ibiza. In addition to all these, you can often come across shops where you can buy souvenirs at affordable prices within the boundaries of the district.

When you feel bored of the movement and decide to enjoy the view in a calm way, Mirador Scenic Spot and You can go to Eivissa Viewpoint .

Most popular hotels in this area:

3 ★ Lux Isla: Booking.com rating 9.0. 1.5 kilometers from Ibiza Town, the hotel overlooks a bay that fascinates travelers with its scenery. Click for information and reservation. 4 ★ Hotel Argos Ibiza: Booking.com score 8.3. Right next to Talamanca Beach, the hotel is among the ideal options for families with its peaceful atmosphere. Click for information and reservation. 5 ★ Nobu Hotel Ibiza Bay: Booking.com rating 8,8. The hotel on the coastline has facilities that will give individuals of all age groups joyful moments.Therefore, when it comes to public transportation in the most popular member of the Balearic Islands, bus services immediately come to mind.

The frequency of buses increases during the season. However, even this application cannot completely prevent the intensity and delays that occur. In order not to be affected by delays, you can try to get information from the mobile application of Ibiza Bus .

If the idea of ​​traveling on a packed bus in the summer heat does not appeal to you, rent a car You can evaluate the options.

Although there are also many taxis on the island. However, travelers who prefer to rent a car gain a certain freedom of movement.

You can find agencies that can help you in many parts of the island, especially in Ibiza Town. In fact, most hotels are trying to help travelers.

Hotel Prices and Reservation in Ibiza

where to stay in ibiza online hotel booked

If you decide what kind of holiday you want to spend, you can easily find the hotel option in Ibiza in exactly the style and location you want.

In fact, Portinatx and Talamanca also have very reasonable options in terms of price. While Portinatx is mostly preferred by young people, it attracts the attention of Talamanian families and middle-aged and older travelers.

It is necessary to open a separate bracket to Ibiza’s variety of accommodation facilities. Because the island goes far beyond the expectations in this regard, too.

If you are not good with the crowd, your search for where to stay in Ibiza is 5 ★ Agroturismo Atzaró and Agroturismo Sa Talaia can concentrate on options such as strong>.

Even 4 ★ Catalonia Royal Sound Savines , Palladium Hotel Palmyra can also offer a similar environment to their guests. /

If you intend to turn to luxury options in terms of accommodation, 5 ★ Hotel Mirador de Dalt Vila , Bless Hotel Ibiza and Nobu Hotel Ibiza Bay I think you might be interested.

For those looking for a reasonably priced hotel, 3 ★ Casa Klod , Hotel Playasol Lei Ibiza – Adults Only , Lux Isla I recommend facilities like .

Throughout the article where to stay in Ibiza, Spain’s world-famous tourist city Accommodation in Ibiza I tried to share very detailed information and advice.

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