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Where to Stay in Los Angeles? Hotel Recommendations

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Finding an answer to the question of where to stay in Los Angeles, the most populous and popular city of the State of California, is easy for someone who knows what to do and what they want to see.

California’s most populous and popular city. It is very easy to find an answer to the question of Where to stay in Los Angeles , a crowded and popular city, for someone who knows what to do and what they want to see.

If you wish, just Hollywood You can focus on and visit the iconic attractions that you are used to seeing on TV. Alternatively, you can enjoy the nightlife in the shadow of skyscrapers in Downtown and spend your holidays by wandering through the luxurious and magnificent streets of Beverly Hills .

Of course, go to the oceanfront Surfing, swimming, enjoying authentic shopping opportunities and tasting seafood is another option.

Hotel Advice: I will give hotel recommendations for every budget throughout the article where to stay in Los Angeles. but I can recommend those who want quick advice;

Clean and relatively affordable 3 ★ Residence Inn by Marriott , close to Metro and beach, popular 4 ★ DoubleTree Suites by Hilton , 5 ★ Fairmont Miramar Hotel for those who do not want to compromise on quality.Click to open the map in Google Maps .

There are 6 regions in Los Angeles where you can stay. These are:

Hollywood , which exceedingly meets the expectations of those who travel to the city for the first time; beach settlement with a family-friendly environment Santa Monica ; Both cultural activities and nightlife rich in terms Downtown ; Venice Beach with affordable accommodation options; Beverly Hills , full of high-end shopping opportunities and luxury accommodation options; Luxury shopping opportunities West Hollywood offering to its guests.

1. Hollywood

Hollywood where to stay in los angeles

If you are going to vacation in the city for the first time,” Los Angeles’ where to stay? ” In your research, you can first check the Hollywood hotels. Because the cinema industry has gained fame all over the world, this place has become a center of attraction not only for those who come to the city with the hope of becoming famous, but also for travelers.

In fact, this part of the city has been densely populated and low-income. it was a residential area.

On Walk of Fame , you can search for the stars of your favorite celebrities and immerse yourself in the fun-filled atmosphere of Universal Studios Hollywood .

Even in restaurants that adopt different culinary styles, you can enjoy extraordinary flavors. You can visit Museum of Broken Relationships , which is difficult to taste and come across.

The most popular hotels in this region:

3 ★ Best Western Plus Hollywood Hills Hotel: If you are tempted to stay just 3.2 kilometers from the iconic Hollywood sign, the 3-star hotel with an 8,3 rating is for you “Where to stay in Los Angeles?” may be the ideal answer to the question. Click for information and reservation. 4 ★ Kimpton Everly Hotel: The 4-star Kimpton Everly Hotel, with an average rating of 9.0 from users, is just 200 meters from the Capitol Records building. is operating. Thanks to its location, both the Hollywood sign and the city view can be easily seen from the hotel. Click for information and reservation. 4 ★ Loews Hollywood Hotel: The rating of the 4-star hotel, which stands out with its modern facilities, is 8.6.Click for reservation.

2. Santa Monica

where to stay in los angeles santa monica

” Where to stay in Los Angeles? ” Another region that I would suggest to you for your research is Santa Monica .

The family-friendly, relaxed atmosphere and an exquisite beach have a big share in the popularity of the settlement among the locals as well as the travelers. Moreover, although this is a coastal town that attracts a lot of attention, it is safe enough to be toured by bicycle.

In Santa Monica, which is the most suitable accommodation area for families coming to Los Angeles for vacation; You can spend wonderful days exploring nature, focusing on water sports, sunbathing on the beach, and utilizing first-class shopping and eating and drinking opportunities.

The activities that can attract the attention of families with children are mainly Santa Monica Pier and It is among the> Farmers Market .

If you are curious about underwater life, you can spare time for the aquarium at Santa Monica Pier.

The rating for the hotel is 8.4. Click for information and reservation. 4 ★ DoubleTree Suites by Hilton Santa Monica: A 4-star hotel with a rating of 8.0 and a beach and pier located in the center of the entertainment life of the region. There is a distance of 3 blocks between. All units on site have a refrigerator and microwave oven. Click for information and reservation. 4 ★ Huntley Santa Monica Beach: If you are looking for luxury and modern style accommodation, the 4-star Huntley Santa with a rating of 8.8 You can add Monica Beach to your review list. It takes only 5 minutes on foot from the hotel to the street that connects to the 3rd Street Promenade and Santa Monica State Beach. Click for information and reservation. 5 ★ Fairmont Miramar Hotel & Bungalows: The 5-star Fairmont Miramar Hotel & Bungalows with a score of 8.4 offers a pleasant stay with its rich facilities. gives experience. If you want to reach the beach, which is considered to be the symbol of the region, from the hotel, which is located by the ocean, you can take advantage of the free transfer service.

3. Downtown

where to stay in los angeles city center hotels

Experience the city’s nightlife during your vacation, discover its cultural richness and within its borders “Where to stay in Los Angeles?” You can find the ideal answer to the question at Downtown .

Having hotel options suitable for every budget makes Los Angeles city center an extremely attractive accommodation area in the eyes of travelers.

< After the opening of LA Live , which was built with a budget of 2.5 billion dollars, there was a renaissance in the city center, which is considered as the historical heart of Los Angeles.

High-end hotels, Avant-garde art galleries, many restaurants and nightclubs have a more lively atmosphere, while the skyscrapers and attractions leave their places to mud-brick buildings and market stalls set up by Mexicans.

The hotel has an average score of 8.7 from travelers using Click for information and reservation. 4 ★ JW Marriott Los Angeles L.A. LIVE: The 4-star JW Marriott Los Angeles L.A. with a choice of six different restaurants and bars. LIVE’s score is 8.8. The Grammy Museum, Staples Center and L.A. There is a Convention Center. Click for information and reservation. 4 ★ Sheraton Grand Los Angeles: With a rating of 8.6, the 4-star Sheraton Grand Los Angeles stands out with its contemporary design. Access to many cultural facilities and entertainment centers in Los Angeles Downtown is very easy from this hotel. Click for information and reservation. 5 ★ The NoMad Los Angeles: The 5-star The NoMad Los Angeles, operating in the historic Giannini Building, has points of 8.8. Luxury amenities and specially designed rooms are featured in the property to give travelers a high-level accommodation experience. Click for information and reservation.

4. Venice Beach

Venice Beach hotels los angeles accommodation

If you are on a tight budget and are in an oceanfront area “Where to stay in Los Angeles?” In your search, you can focus your entire focus on Venice Beach .

But the settlement; It is considered the center of the city in terms of counterculture, hippie lifestyle and nostalgic places.

In addition to its unique atmosphere that makes its guests feel different, there are many affordable hostel and boutique hotels within its borders, as I mentioned at the beginning, limited accommodation budget It makes the area attractive for travelers traveling to the city.

While vacationing in Venice Beach, not far from the fun-filled center of the city, it is full of local designer boutiques, fine restaurants and fun nightlife Abbot Kinney Boulevard I recommend you write at the top of your travel list.

While walking along the Venice Beach Boardwalk , which runs parallel to the ocean, you may come across many street artists performing. When you take a boat ride on the canals, you can not only observe the region from different angles, but also experience romantic moments.

The most popular hotels in this area:

3 ★ Venice Breeze Suites: The hotel, which is at a short walking distance to the street, has a fully equipped kitchen in all accommodation units. For information and reservation, click . 4 ★ The Rose Hotel: The 4-star The Rose Hotel with an average score of 8.9 from users is a few steps away from Venice Beach Ideal for travelers who want to. It takes only 25 minutes to reach the international airport from the facility, where comfort is at the forefront. For information and reservation, click . 4 ★ Inn at Venice Beach: The 4-star Inn at Venice Beach with a rating of 8.4 is 11 kilometers from the airport. The property, which is appreciated by its guests with its friendly atmosphere, is also very close to Pacific Park and Santa Monica Harbor. Click for reservation.

5. Beverly Hills

where to stay in los angeles Beverly Hills

If you aim to pamper yourself by focusing only on luxury amenities during your vacation,” Where to stay in Los Angeles? ” I suggest you to examine the Beverly Hills hotels while searching for an answer to the question.

While spending time in the residential area where a group of entrepreneurs who came to the region to find oil laid their foundations, you may encounter one of the world famous names of the television world at any time.

Beverly Hills is actually a merger of two settlements named Ball-Air and Holmby Hills .

The restaurants on Rodeo Road , a favorite of travelers to Los Angeles, are at least as good as the shops.

The most popular hotels in this area:

3 ★ Hotel Beverly Terrace: The 3-star Hotel Beverly Terrace with a rating of 8.6 delights its guests with a high level of comfort. Hotel, “Where to stay in Los Angeles?” Perfect for those looking for an answer to the question in the heart of Beverly Hills. Click for information and reservation. 4 ★ Hotel Sofitel Los Angeles at Beverly Hills: The 4-star Hotel Sofitel Los Angeles at Beverly with elegant rooms, a French gourmet restaurant and a luxury spa Hills’ rating is 8.2. Shoppers favorite, Rodeo Drive is only 5 kilometers from the hotel. For information and reservation, click . 4 ★ Beverly Hills Marriott: The 4-star Beverly Hills Marriot, rated by users with an average score of 8.0, is a distance from Rodeo Drive. and a half kilometers. It takes 20 minutes by car from the accommodation facility to attractions such as Staples Center and Hollywood Walk of Fame.Located close to Rodeo Drive, the hotel is 17 kilometers from the city center. Click for information and reservation.

6. West Hollywood

West Hollywood los angeles hotels

” Where to stay in Los Angeles? ” The last place I recommend to you in the guide is West Hollywood . This place is just as cool as Beverly Hills. The residential area does not lag behind its neighbor in terms of luxury possibilities. In addition to high-end shops and restaurants, colorful farmer’s markets and vintage boutiques await you in West Hollywood.

If you are interested in shops and fitness studios focused on home decoration, you can easily find options to suit your style in this part of the city.

West Hollywood was once the residential area that was intended to be at the forefront of the promotion of Los Angeles. Strolling through the settlement decorated with wide and green boulevards is therefore more enjoyable than the other parts of the city.

One of the activities that can be done in West Hollywood is shopping in Sunset Plaza . rating for the property is 9.1. Click for information and reservation. 4 ★ Chamberlain West Hollywood: With a rating of 8.3, 4-star Chamberlain West Hollywood’s luxury suites are equipped with modern amenities to meet all your needs. equipped. The hotel provides service 2 blocks from Santa Monica Boulevard. For information and reservation, click . 5 ★ The London West Hollywood at Beverly Hills: The 5-star hotel offering suites in different sizes for its subjects, with its service quality, He got a high evaluation score of 8. From the hotel, you can reach shopping venues in less than 5 minutes. Click for information and reservation.

Local Transportation in Los Angeles

where to stay in los angeles means of transport

Los Angeles is a city with a very large area. Naturally, no matter how advanced the public transportation system is, if you are not familiar with it, going from one point to another turns into a very laborious and time-consuming activity.

However, the fact that there are different companies serving within the city limits causes confusion, especially in payment. Therefore, using Metro Rail often gives better results.

The city center through the Los Angeles subway system serving 8 different routes, You can easily reach many touristically popular areas such as> Koreatown , Santa Monica , Pasadena and Long Beach

If you do not want to solve the complex nature of public transportation and stick to time limits, I suggest you rent a car .

This method stands out as the most ideal option for transportation in Los Angeles. . Moreover, due to the large number of car rental companies, you can easily come across an offer that is suitable for your budget without spending much time.

Los Angeles Hotel Prices and Reservation

los angeles hotels where to stay in los angeles

Words are not enough to describe the variety of accommodations in Los Angeles.

Of course, before you start this research, you need to decide what kind of Los Angeles vacation you want to spend.

You can find a room in Los Angeles with prices starting at around 200 TL per night by taking advantage of Early booking opportunities. In facilities with average service quality, double room prices start from 600 TL. The cost of a one night stay in luxury facilities is a minimum of 1,200 TL.

After making your decision about the places to visit and the activities to be done, you, like me, will make your work easier in hotel research. You can choose.

So you can easily list the most suitable accommodation options for yourself after determining your criteria on issues such as region, budget and star category. Then you can browse the user reviews and detailed hotel pages and decide which facility you will stay in.

You can pay when you reach the hotel if you wish. Click to view all hotels in Los Angeles on

Briefly Where to Stay in Los Angeles


To summarize, if you are going to have a holiday in Los Angeles for the first time, Hollywood hotels will be the most logical choice for you. .

You can also include the options in Venice Beach in your research to stay in an affordable hotel and breathe the similar atmosphere.

If you are excited to visit the leading art galleries and have fun in venues that will make it easier for you to experience the vibrant nightlife. Downtown , the mind-blowing “Where to stay in Los Angeles?”

In Los Angeles, two regions stand out as the word “luxury”: Beverly Hills , where Rodeo Drive is located, and a spacious atmosphere < strong> West Hollywood .

Regarding the hotel recommendation in Los Angeles ; If you are going to choose a central place to stay in the city such as Hollywood, Downtown or Beveryly Hills, according to your budget, the 3-star Residence Inn by Marriott Los Angeles L.A. Check out LIVE , the 4-star Loews Hollywood Hotel , or the 5-star Four Seasons Hotel Los Angeles at Beverly Hills , which offers luxurious accommodation.

If your preference for your stay in Los Angeles is close to the beach such as Santa Monica or Venice Beach, 3-star Hampton Inn & Suites Santa Monica , 4-star DoubleTree Suites by Hilton Check out Santa Monica and 5-star Fairmont Miramar Hotel & Bungalows .

All the information you may need during your Los Angeles vacation;

Los Angeles Angeles Attractions , What to do in Los Angeles Los Angeles airport transportation guide you can find it in our articles ..

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