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Where to Stay in Miami? Regions and Hotel Recommendations

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Alerjik Hastalıklara Kesin Çözüm

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Where to stay in Miami? Miami, the second largest city in the State of Florida, attracts travelers who dream of a modern, luxurious, fun and warm holiday thanks to its tropical climate. Standing out with its miles of golden beaches and vibrant nightlife, the city is unofficially considered the capital of South America.

Where to stay in Miami? Florida’s largest Its second city, Miami , attracts travelers who dream of a modern, luxurious, fun and warm holiday thanks to its tropical climate. Standing out with its miles of golden beaches and vibrant nightlife, the city is unofficially considered the capital of South America.

Deemed worthy of such an acclaim due to its Latin population, where individuals of Cuban origin predominate, Miami, the rich wildlife around it.

When the audience it addresses is wide, “Where to stay in Miami?” Finding the answer to the question becomes very easy if you look at the right areas.

Hotel Advice: I will give hotel recommendations according to every budget throughout the article where to stay in Miami, but I will be able to recommend those who want advice quickly;

For those looking for an affordable place in Miami Beach 3 ★ Residence Inn by Marriott , For those who want a quality place by the beach 4 ★ The Confidante Hotel , For those who do not want to compromise on quality 5 ★ 1 Hotel South Beach .Click to open the map in Google Maps.

There are 6 areas where you can stay in Miami. These are:

South Beach , the most vibrant and popular spot of the city, Miami Beach , which stands out with its entertainment and shopping opportunities, Many museums and art galleries at its borders Downtown with touristic structure, Favorite of not only travelers but also business people Brickell , Close to the center but in a more quiet location Coral Gables Travelers who like Coconut Grove .

1. South Beach

Where to stay in Miami South Beach

Miami means South Beach . Therefore, “Where to stay in Miami?” You can give priority to the hotels in South Beach, which inspire movies, TV series and even computer games because of its authentic atmosphere. The region is a favorite of both locals and travelers.

South Beach is located on the coastal part of Biscayne Bay opposite the city center.

If you go beyond the street, you can also see structures built in the style of “ Mimi ” (Miami Modern). Region; It attracts attention with its colorfully painted historical buildings, lively nightlife , stylish cafes and bars, beaches covered with golden sand and long walking paths.

It is the biggest tourism center of Miami. The hotels in South Beach, which are deemed worthy of the title “ The Riviera of America ” due to its being, are mainly lined up on Collins Avenue parallel to the Atlantic Ocean. Accommodation facilities, which add color to the boulevard with their historical textures and architectural features, generally operate in a boutique style.

Below almost all of them, the quality bars and make the region the center of the city’s nightlife. There are restaurants .

While staying at South Beach, you can enjoy the sea during daylight hours and sunbathe on the long beach without being disturbed. The beach that runs parallel to Collins Avenue is ideal for families who want to swim.

You can find the most attractive shopping options around Espanola Way and Lincoln Road Mall . You can read our article titled “ Places to Visit in Miami ” to learn about area attractions such as the Miami Beach Botanical Garden.

The most popular hotels in this region:

3 ★ Hampton Inn Miami Beach: score: 8.6. A beautiful Art Deco hotel located 3 minutes walk from the beach and 10 minutes from the iconic Ocean Drive. Click for information and reservation. 3 ★ Residence Inn by Marriott Miami Beach: score: 8.7. With the best price / benefit ratio in Miami Beach, this popular 4-star hotel is 600 meters from Lincoln Road. Click for information and reservation. 4 ★ Urbanica The Meridian Hotel: score: 9.0. Located in one of the best rated locations in Miami Beach, the hotel is 600 meters from Ocean Drive. Click for information and reservation. 4 ★ Abae Hotel: score: 8.8. It is one of the most popular 4-star hotels in the city, located a 15-minute walk from the beach. Click for information and reservation. 5 ★ 1 Hotel South Beach: score: 9.1.

2. Miami Beach

Where to stay in Miami Miami Beach

South Beach is almost the symbol of the city. With the attractive atmosphere arising from its unique architecture, travelers planning a Miami holiday are first evaluating the options in this region to meet their accommodation needs.

As such, finding a place in South Beach can be difficult. . If you encounter such a situation, don’t despair immediately. Because you can find many similar opportunities within its neighbor Miami Beach .

Miami Beach is located just north of South Beach. The small-sized barrier island within the borders of Miami-Dade County is actually an independent residential area in its own right. However, because of its location, it creates the impression that it is connected to Miami.

The atmosphere in Miami Beach, which is home to the most famous beach resorts of the United States, never lags behind its northern neighbor in terms of liveliness.

In the central part of the Barrier Island, some of the best accommodation facilities and restaurants of the city operate.

Offering rich options to its guests in terms of artistic and cultural activities, nightlife and eating and drinking opportunities, Miami Beach is an attractive accommodation area for travelers. Another factor that brings is its multicultural structure.

Immigrants from many different parts of the world, especially Latin America, continue their lives in the residential area. The South American influence in the region is so strong that even street signs are prepared in English and Spanish. Thanks to its population structure, Miami Beach also gives travelers the opportunity to learn about the origins of the city.

The most famous attraction of Miami Beach, which attracts the locals as well as travelers, is beaches . You can spend your whole day on beaches surrounded by tall palm trees and covered with golden sands all year round.

When you want to socialize, shop or have a drink, you can take the breath of Collins Avenue and at venues on Lincoln Road .

An ideal hotel for those who want to stay in the most famous area of ​​the city, such as an affordable but clean and popular place in Miami. Click for information and reservation. 4 ★ The Confidante Hotel – in the Unbound Collection by Hyatt: rating: 8.2. This 4-star hotel with beautiful facilities such as an outdoor spa area, a beauty salon, 2 heated outdoor pools is located right by the beach. Click for information and reservation. 5 ★ Faena Hotel Miami Beach: score: 8.7. Designed in a New-Deco style, this beautiful 5-star hotel is located on the oceanfront in Miami Beach. Click for reservation.

3. Downtown

Miami accommodation downtown hotels hotels

If you are thinking about making your holiday plans in a way that emphasizes the cultural aspect of the city , “Where to stay in Miami?” You can also add Downtown hotels to your research.

Downtown , the cultural center of South Florida, is home to many of Miami’s most popular museums, parks, shops and hosts its historical structure.

The richness of the region in terms of social life enables it to offer different beauties to its guests during the day and night.

The dominant feeling of the Cuban culture inherited from the years when the city was founded, the streets are very crowded and lively all day

Shopping has elegant boutiques that can attract the attention of travelers who enjoy shopping in Miami city center, as well as restaurants and cafes that appeal to different tastes.

< Downtown manages to attract the attention of travelers interested in history as well as those who enjoy cultural and artistic activities. While staying in the city center, you can visit Miami Historic District and have the opportunity to examine in detail 60 historical statues.

In addition to the residential area that sheds light on the city’s past, With> Philip and Patricia Frost Museum of Science , you can include the Perez Art Museum focused on contemporary art.

For travelers interested in motor sports and basketball, Downtown Miami American Airlines Arena within its borders and its neighbor Bayfront Park have different meanings.

4. Brickell

Brickell Miami accommodation

If you care about staying in luxury and modern areas during your holidays,” Where to stay in Miami? ” While looking for an answer to the question, you can first take a look at the Brickell hotels.

The settlement, surrounded by mansions built in a style in accordance with the local architecture, reflects the past of the city while representing the modern face of the city with office towers and stylish skyscrapers. Thanks to this feature, Brickell continues to be a favorite of not only travelers but also business people.

As Miami’s fastest growing and most populous district, Brickell is almost like Manhattan with its luxury residences and skyscrapers of contemporary design. It is reminiscent of / strong>.

At the same time, when you want to have a pleasant time in the financial center of the city, you can go to karaoke bars and taste the flavors selected from world cuisines in high-quality food and beverage venues.

Since it has similar content, you can also spend time on the man-made Brickell Key .

The attractions you can visit to have a pleasant time while staying at Brickell are only places focused on shopping and eating and drinking.

In Simpson Park , home to one of the rare spots above sea level in the city, you can both examine endangered plant species and spend peaceful hours.

Most popular hotels in this area:

3 ★ Aloft Miami Brickell: rating: 8.4. Located only 3.8 km from Miami Port, this hotel has facilities such as an outdoor swimming pool. Click for information and reservation. 4 ★ Hampton Inn & Suites by Hilton Miami Downtown / Brickell: score: 9.1. A popular 4-star hotel located a 1-minute walk from Brickell Metromover Station. Click for information and reservation . 4 ★ Hyatt Centric Brickell Miami: score: 9.1. One of the best value-for-money facilities in Miami, Hyatt Centric is located close to many places to visit in the city. Click for information and reservation. 5 ★ Four Seasons Hotel Miami: score: 9.2. This popular 5-star hotel in Art Deco style is located opposite Biscayne Bay.

5. Coral Gables

Miami accommodation Coral Gables hotels

If you enjoy traveling with your family or in quiet environments, your mind puzzling” Where to stay in Miami? ” You can check the Coral Gables hotels to find an answer to the question. In fact, this is another independent settlement within the boundaries of Miami-Dade County.

The region, where monuments of historical value and tree-lined boulevards add a distinct atmosphere, is warmer than its neighbor Downtown and South Beach. > has air. Because of this feature, middle-aged travelers as well as families prefer Coral Gables to spend their Miami holidays.

Coral Gables is home to the University of Miami . There are countless activities that can be done. If you like to examine artworks, you can spend a day visiting the galleries in the region.

In addition to the galleries, interesting collections are also exhibited at Lowe Art Museum .

To spend a quiet evening, you can watch movies in the cinemas in Coral Gables.

While preparing the list of places to visit related to the region, apart from the places I mentioned above, the Coral Gables House was built by the city’s founder George Merrick. I recommend you not to skip it.

When you want to cool off in the area where the iconic Biltmore Hotel is located, you can turn your route to Venetian Pool instead of going to the beaches. In terms of observing wildlife, Fairchild Tropical Garden and Matheson Hammrock Park offer its guests very valuable opportunities.

The most popular hotels in this region:

3 ★ Courtyard Miami Coral Gables: score: 8.4. Featuring a rooftop pool with views of Coral Gables, this hotel is a good choice for travelers interested in restaurants, sunny weather and food. Click for information and reservation. 4 ★ Hyatt Regency Coral Gables in Miami: score: 8.6. A beautiful and popular 4-star hotel 11.2 km from Miami city center. Click for reservation.Coconut Grove Where to stay in Miami Coconut Grove

At least as elite as Coral Gables Coconut Grove , “Where to stay in Miami?” The last area I would recommend you examine during your research. The settlement preferred by the locals with the abbreviation “ The Grove ” is the favorite of travelers who enjoy cultural holidays because it is the place where Miami was founded.

Coconut Grove was founded in 1873. a group of adventurers played the leading role. Coconut Grove, one of the greenest areas of Miami, continued its existence as a bohemian-style village for a long time. The residential area is now known for its high-level shopping facilities, entertainment complexes, restaurants and colorful nightlife.

The area located in the south of Downtown also makes a name for itself among travelers interested in architecture with its Mediterranean style houses.

Even if you are staying in a different area of ​​Miami, I recommend you to visit Coconut Grove to learn about the history of the city and get your share of its fun atmosphere.

Through the museums here, you can increase your knowledge of South Florida. You can increase it significantly and spend peaceful hours in the parks.

There are also nightclubs and bars on the street where you can have fun in the evening.

The most striking attraction within Coconut Grove, which gives the impression of being intertwined with Coral Gables, is the Vizcaya Museum with its eye-catching gardens.

Festivals Goombay and Coconut Grove Art are the leading cultural events organized in the region. When vacationers staying in high-quality hotels in Coconut Grove need to cool off, they go to the 1920s Venetian Pool, just like travelers staying in Coral Gables.

The most popular hotels in this region:

3 ★ Residence Inn Miami Coconut Grove: score: 8.4. Serving with 2 outdoor pools, this hotel is especially preferred by young couples. Click for reservation. 4 ★ Hotel Aria BW Premier Collection: score: 8.1. Located 5 minutes’ walk from the CocoWalk and restaurants area, this hotel is a nice option for those who want to stay in the Coconut Grove area. Click for reservation. 5 ★ The Ritz-Carlton Coconut Grove, Miami: score: 8.7. Overlooking Biscayne Bay, this 5-star hotel offers amenities such as a spa, fitness center and rooms with balconies. Click for information and reservation.The presence of barrier islands, which constitute an important part of the city, has also been effective in making the transportation options unique.

When you want to choose affordable public transportation options in Miami, the bus named Metrobus depending on your destination or you can take advantage of the railway networks called Metrorail . The bus network is designed to cover the entire Miami-Dade district.

Buses carry passengers uninterruptedly on most major lines. Metrorail consists of two different lines, green and orange. Although at first it gives the impression that they are limited, you can easily go to all major touristic areas of the city, especially airport , by trains that stop at 23 stations on these lines.

If you wish, you can use various You can choose the services offered by the companies. The shuttle service offered by some companies consists of a transfer between two points. Some of them organize boat and bus tours that cover the important points of the city.

Taxi high fees make the private shuttle service more attractive.

However, if you plan to use the public transportation network frequently, buying EASY Card will make your job a lot easier. The price of the standard style shuttle service is between 9 and 15 USD for adults.

Miami Hotel Prices & Reservation

Where to stay in Miami hotel prices and reservation

The busiest season of the tourist season in Miami is between November and April. Low temperatures are cited as the main reason why travelers from all over the world show great interest in the city between these months. Although even the lowest temperatures in Miami remain higher than most locations in the United States.

The high interest during the season also includes Winter Music Conference and Spring Break. Events like also have a share. For this reason, it is necessary to make a reservation months in advance in order to find vacant rooms in the popular accommodation areas of the city, especially South Beach and Miami Beach during the season.

The site I will recommend you to avoid early booking opportunities .

You can evaluate the results by looking at the hotel pages and user comments, and you can contact the hotel directly for any questions you may have.

When it comes to the reservation, you may prefer to make the payment at the entrance to the hotel instead of making the payment immediately. When you encounter a problem such as not being able to obtain a visa, you can use your cancellation right up to 24 hours before the reservation date, depending on the hotel you choose.

12.5% ​​ room tax is subsequently included in prices at hotels in Miami. Some facilities may request a 15% service fee in addition to the tax. Click to view Miami hotels on

Briefly Where to Stay in Miami?

Miami accommodation guide

In short, if you want to experience Miami’s nightlife that never decreases dynamism and have a wonderful holiday period in iconic hotels, don’t think about your accommodation choice South Beach

It has similar rich content in terms of entertainment, shopping, eating and drinking; However, when you are in search of a less crowded area, you can focus on its neighbor, Miami Beach .

In your vacation plans for Miami, your primary goal is to get to know the city’s history and culture. You can find it on .

Brickell , Coral Gables and Coconut Grove are both cultural and historical background. it does not fall behind the city center.

Detailed information about transportation from the airport to the city center is in our article titled Miami airport transportation guide … .

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