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Where to Stay in Oludeniz? Regions and Hotel Recommendations

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Where to stay in Ölüdeniz blog guide
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Where to Stay in Oludeniz? 1. Oludeniz Beach Area2. Belceğiz 3. Oludeniz Center4. Kayaköy 5. Kıdrak Bay Location Transportation in Oludeniz Oludeniz Hotel Prices & Reservation Briefly Where to Stay in Oludeniz?

Where to stay in Oludeniz? Oludeniz is here for those planning a vacation! Oludeniz is a perfect option for both summer holidays and nature holidays with its green and blue, from the earth to the sky.

Apart from activities such as diving, paragliding, trekking, yacht tours, it is also a great choice with its numerous restaurants, entertainment venues, shopping spots, morning and evening, promises a full holiday every hour.

One of the first things you need to plan in order to enjoy all these possibilities is of course accommodation, that is, towards the question Where to stay in Ölüdeniz . answer!

If there is a Oludeniz route in your plans in the near future, or just “Would it be bad if we do Oludeniz?” If you are in your mind Oludeniz accommodation you can find all the details here.

The most ideal areas for accommodation in Oludeniz and the region Hotel in Oludeniz throughout the guide I’ll be listing it.

I hope you find the best option for you and have an unforgettable holiday, have a nice holiday!

Where to stay in Oludeniz?

Accommodation guide in Ölüdeniz

There are 5 regions for accommodation in Ölüdeniz:

Around the famous Ölüdeniz Lagoon and Kumburnu Beach Ölüdeniz Beach area , close to Ölüdeniz coastline, one of the most active neighborhoods in the region Belceğiz , located inland from the sea, the center of the region Ölüdeniz center namely Hisaronu and Ovacik Neighborhood , famous for its old Greek houses and nature, one of the historical areas of Ölüdeniz, Kayaköy , Kıdrak Bay location for those looking for a more calm and untouched experience near Ölüdeniz. 1.The suggestions I will share with you under this title are the part that includes the Ölüdeniz Lagoon and Kumburnu Beach.

Ölüdeniz Lagoon is one of the most popular places in Ölüdeniz. Thanks to the lagoon, which is a form of coastal accumulation created by waves, this part of Ölüdeniz is straight in summer and winter, sunny even if the weather is stormy.

If you are looking for a hotel by the sea in Ölüdeniz You can take a look at the facilities in Ölüdeniz Lagoon. There are many options from luxury hotels to bungalow facilities.

Kumburnu Beach is the promontory between Ölüdeniz Lagoon and Belcekız (Belceğiz) Beach.

Kumburnu side Ölüdeniz ‘ It is closer to Belceğiz Neighborhood, which is one of the most vibrant areas of the city. On the other hand, the lagoon side offers a calmer and quieter environment within the Ölüdeniz Nature Park.

In the meantime, let me explain my “near, far” discourse a little. If you walk from the lagoon to Belceğiz in 10 minutes, it takes 5 minutes from Kumburnu. In other words, it is not the distances to be considered much, but different environments as an atmosphere.

You can see my recommendations for Ölüdeniz Beach area hotel below.

If you are looking for an affordable hotel in Ölüdeniz, I suggest you take a look. For detailed information and reservation, click .

2 ★ Lagoon Boutique Hotel: An ideal price-performance option for those looking for a seaside hotel in Ölüdeniz. The facility provides service with tiny rooms on the beach surrounded by pine trees. For detailed information and reservation, click .

3 ★ Meri Hotel: A balanced option in terms of price performance for those looking for a good hotel in Ölüdeniz. You can have a good time from the beach area to the rooms, from the restaurant to the garden. For detailed information and reservation, click.

3 ★ Sugar Beach Hotel: Located 1 minute walk from Ölüdeniz Blue Lagoon, the property offers stylish and modern bungalows. servicing. It has a pleasant beach, plenty of green areas and facilities such as restaurants, cafes and bars. For detailed information and reservation, click .

3 ★ S3 Seahorse Beach Club & Hotel: If you are looking for a luxury hotel in Ölüdeniz, you can check it out. Unlike the cold weather of big resorts, the atmosphere is quite warm.

The beach and green areas are also ideal for spending a good time. For detailed information and reservation, click .

2. Belceğiz

Belceğiz hotels Where to stay in Ölüdeniz

If you want to stay at a point where you will be close to the city, the best place is Belceğiz Mahallesi .

Belceğiz District is one of the most preferred areas for accommodation in Ölüdeniz. There are more facilities in Ölüdeniz compared to other regions and there are more affordable options .

In addition to accommodation alternatives, Belceğiz also offers different opportunities to spend time from nightlife to eating and drinking opportunities. It’s a full area.

If you are looking for an ideal hotel for nightlife especially in Ölüdeniz, you can take a look at the facilities around Ölüdeniz Bar Street in Belceğiz.

If your priority is to be closer to the seaside, you can take a look at the streets starting with Belcekız Beach and parallel Denizpark Caddesi .

Belcekız Beach is it is less crowded and quite calm .

But let me warn you in advance: The sea is not like the lagoon side in terms of neither image nor stagnation, but still exquisite!

Bazaar Street , which starts from the beach and extends towards the interior, is

Finally, Kıdırak Caddesi is one of the lively and central streets of Belceğiz. As a last option, I recommend you to note it as a part you can choose.

If you need hotel recommendations in Belceğiz, please go to the list below…

The most popular hotels in this region:

2 ★ Karbel Beach Hotel: If you are looking for an affordable hotel in Ölüdeniz, this option with both central and ideal facilities may be suitable for you. Click for detailed information and reservation.

3 ★ Akdeniz Beach Hotel: An ideal facility in terms of price performance for those looking for a hotel near Ölüdeniz Beach. For detailed information and reservation, click .

3 ★ Bronze Hotel: If you like a boutique hotel, choose this very central facility within walking distance to Ölüdeniz Beach. you can.

It is an ideal option especially for families with children. For detailed information and reservation, click .

3. Oludeniz Center

Oludeniz accommodation center hotels

Next is the main center of Oludeniz and There is a living area for locals rather than tourists, Ölüdeniz center .

Ölüdeniz center is located approximately 5 km from the seaside, that is Ölüdeniz Beach.

Ölüdeniz Caddesi When you immerse yourself in the mountains, firstly Hisarönü Mahallesi , when you go a little further, Ovacık Mahallesi welcomes you.

Generally speaking, Ölüdeniz central region is located in Ölüdeniz. It is a region that has been preferred by the British and foreign tourists who live almost a summer life. You can notice this in both the language and the currency from markets to restaurants.

As such, of course, the preferences of foreign tourists from the style of accommodation facilities to the menu of restaurants stand out. I can list the most prominent differences between the neighborhoods as follows:

Hisaronu is a quieter place while Ovacık is more active.You should choose Hisaronu for the nature and a more village environment. Hisaronu is closer to Ölüdeniz Beach but with a very short transportation like 5 minutes with Ovacık . There is a period of time.

The general advantage of Ölüdeniz center is that it offers a more natural atmosphere and cool air compared to the beach environment. If you don’t like the hot weather, you can throw yourself into a hotel, especially in the upper regions of Ovacık.

Here are my recommendations for Ölüdeniz central hotels.

The most popular hotels in this region:

Ünlü Hotel: It is one of the ideal options for those looking for an affordable hotel in the center of Ölüdeniz. For detailed information and reservation, click .

3 ★ Vento Boutique Hotel: Located in Ölüdeniz Hisaronu Neighborhood, boutique hotel lovers have a friendly atmosphere and price performance. an option that will make you happy with its ideal possibilities. For detailed information and reservation click.

3 ★ The Pinehill Hotel & Suites: Located at a very central location in Hisaronu, the property offers a stylish and pleasant have environment.

It is especially preferred by couples. For detailed information and reservation, click .

5 ★ Garcia Resort & Spa: For those looking for a luxury hotel in Ölüdeniz, it is located in Ovacık District, surrounded by greenery area, this facility is central and one of the ideal options. For detailed information and reservation, click .

4. Kayaköy

Accommodation in Oludeniz Kayakoy hotels

Take us out of the popular areas and beaches of Oludeniz. If you want to take the history to a more extraordinary environment, Kayaköy is one of the regions you should check out.

It is not an option that most people will prefer for the question of where to stay in Ölüdeniz, people usually go to Kayaköy. You are stopping by with day trip plans, but if you are looking for a difference for accommodation in Ölüdeniz, you can give it a chance.

Kayaköy is located on the Fethiye – Ölüdeniz road, about 9 km away from Ölüdeniz Beach.

There is easy access by minibus from both regions.

Although there are more limited facilities for accommodation in Kayaköy, Ölüdeniz center, Belceğiz and Ölüdeniz Beach, you can find many alternatives from hostels to bungalows, from boutique hotels to luxury options.

> settlement place.

Known to date back to around the 11th century, this village used to be a Greek village. When it was evacuated after the exchange, it turned into a ghost city in time. There are hundreds of abandoned structures such as Greek houses and churches in this historical region.

If you are good with trekking and even more, Kayaköy is one of the most enjoyable stops among Lycian Way stops. It has a route that will fascinate you with its nature and also fascinate you with its views.

Moreover, you can go to Ölüdeniz Beach with a 3-hour walk or Soğuk Su Bay located on the coastal parts of Kayaköy with a 40 minute walk You can reach more virgin, untouched bays like .

You can think of Kayaköy as a quiet area where you can live together with nature and history.

The most popular hotels in this region:

Kayaköy Boutique Hotel : Kayaköy Boutique Hotel, one of the most enjoyable options among Kayaköy hotels, provides service with stylish villa rooms made of stone in a quiet and lush environment. Click for detailed information and reservation.

Doğa Apartments: This option, which can be an alternative for those who want to rent a villa in Kayaköy, offers service with stone villas. You can rent the entire villa or you can choose to rent a room. For detailed information and reservation, click .

Avalon Steppes Luxury Glamping Holidays: is in the forest in Kayaköy with unusual round shaped bungalows. The interior of the rooms is quite large and luxurious compared to standard bungalows. Click for detailed information and reservation .

Yeldeğirmeni Bungalow Hotel: It is one of the most enjoyable options for those looking for an affordable hotel in Kayaköy.

Kıdrak Koyu Mevkii

Where to stay in Kıdrak Bay Ölüdeniz

Where to stay in Ölüdeniz If you still haven’t found an answer to your question, let’s continue with the region that hosts one of the most enjoyable bays of Ölüdeniz: Kıdrak Bay area .

Kıdrak location is a region that is located on the slopes of Babadağ and fascinates with its nature. Kıdrak Nature Park aside, roads decorated with pine trees, clear Kıdrak Bay with hundreds of shades of blue and an accommodation area where you can enjoy nature with everything from air to water.

> Kıdrak is approximately 3 km from Ölüdeniz. If you are confident, you can reach Ölüdeniz even with a brisk walk. Of course, you can also use minibuses as an alternative.

So why Kıdrak for accommodation in Ölüdeniz?

First of all, Ölüdeniz is crowded almost every season and every day, although its nature and sea are very beautiful, without urbanization and busy. You can hardly feel the nature because of tourism.

Among the most popular beaches of Ölüdeniz are Kıdrak Bay , especially in the surroundings Könül Beach , Blue Cave , Butterfly Valley are spots like strong>, Kabak Bay where you can enjoy the sea and calmness.

For nature lovers, it does not end only with the sea and greenery Kıdrak. It is an excellent accommodation point for different activities such as diving in the Blue Cave, paragliding in Babadağ, trekking on the Lycian Way.

If we come to the question of where to stay in Kıdrak, the center of Kıdrak is a very big place There is also a limited alternative for the region. You can think of it as a small Mediterranean town.

You can choose the Kıdrak Nature Park side, where Kıdrak Bay is located, the central part of Kıdrak or the sections in nature towards the slopes of Babadağ.

By the way, Kıdrak Bay is in a nature park, so there is an entrance fee and a paid beach service if you wish. If you want to be next to the sea and let me go in and out as I wish, I recommend you to choose a seaside hotel in Kıdrak.

In short, you can start searching for Kıdrak hotels without hesitation wherever you say for a quieter accommodation experience close to Ölüdeniz.

You will see my hotel recommendations below in Kıdrak, but if you like camping, I strongly recommend you to take a look at Kıdrak camping areas.

The most popular hotels in this region:

< Kıdrak Motel: Ideal for those looking for an affordable hotel in Kıdrak.There are different types of bungalows and houses, including stone and wood, as well as a camping area. Perfect for those who want to experience ecological life. For detailed information and reservation, click .

Kıdrak Camping Namaste: This option offers both a camping area and a bungalow accommodation experience. It is located in the forest within a minute walking distance.

5 ★ Liberty Hotels Likya: Among the most luxurious Oludeniz hotels, this property is located at the seaside in Kıdrak. It is an excellent option with its private beach, all-inclusive service, rooms with jacuzzi and many more facilities.

Transportation in Ölüdeniz

Where to stay in Ölüdeniz transportation guide

When it comes to vacation planning, I think one of the most important determinants of hotel selection is transportation. If you want to get more or less information about transportation while choosing your hotel in Ölüdeniz, say this.

Transportation in Ölüdeniz is actually quite comfortable, comfortable and easy to worry about.

There are reliable options as car rental companies in the center of Ölüdeniz. Of course, if you wish, you can choose to rent a car at Dalaman Airport, the closest airport to Fethiye.

If you have the opportunity, I recommend you to rent a car in Oludeniz. There are many pleasant spots in the area such as Kabak Bay , Butterfly Valley , Fethiye center . You can reach all of them by car in the easiest and fastest way.

If you prefer public transportation in Ölüdeniz , you can easily travel anywhere you want by taxi and minibuses both in the region and in touristic spots in the surrounding area.

If you prefer a hotel around Ölüdeniz Beach or accommodation in Hisaronu and you want a sea-sun-sand holiday with less movement, you will hardly need to use public transportation.

< strong> Oludeniz Hotel Deals & Reservation

Oludeniz accommodation reservation

Get up! ”, let’s get to the most crucial point: Oludeniz hotel reservation and hotel prices.

First of all, hotel reservation site for Oludeniz hotel reservation I have a practical, easy and reliable suggestion.

You can find the best hotel prices in one place from the best travel sites for booking in Ölüdeniz. can browse the booking site strong>. With its practicality and comparative prices, it is an option that will make you smile and of course your budget.

Oludeniz hotel prices are also comforting, suitable for every budget.

You can see the Oludeniz center facilities, especially in the range of 150 – 200 TL per night for 2 people.

Pleasant places where one click can be spent is 2 people are at an average of 300 – 400 TL per night .

Briefly, Where to Stay in Ölüdeniz?

Where to stay in Ölüdeniz blog

If you are looking for the most brief answer to your problem of where to stay in Ölüdeniz, you can start reading here.

If you want to be in touch with the sea and the center, Ölüdeniz Lagoon surroundings or < strong> I recommend Belceğiz regions.

While Ölüdeniz Lagoon offers a holiday with nature and sea, accommodation in Belceğiz will provide a more lively experience.

Again, get lively, even at night. even if his life is more active in terms of eating If you do, my suggestion is, Ölüdeniz center. You can especially focus on Hisarönü and Ovacık neighborhoods.

Moreover, there are different activities such as trekking and virgin bays.

You can choose Kıdrak Bay for a calm and untouched accommodation experience that will pass by nature and sea. From diving to paragliding, from trekking to virgin bays, there are many activities that you will enjoy your holiday in this region.

To come to my main recommendations for Oludeniz hotels, I have saved my favorite hotels in the region for the last:

In Oludeniz Lagoon Lagoon Boutique Hotel , in Belceğiz Tonoz Beach Hotel , in Ölüdeniz center The Pinehill Hotel & Suites , in Kayaköy Yeldeğirmeni Bungalow Hotel , In Kıdrak Bay Kıdrak Camping Namaste .

If you need more information and experience from travelers for Ölüdeniz holiday Ölüdeniz Places to Visit | Top 14 Places! I suggest you take a look at the guide!


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