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Where to Stay in Rome? Top 6 Districts & Hotels in the Center

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Where to stay in Rome? ” If you are planning an individual trip to Italy’s capital Rome in the near future, this question is probably

A city you will visit for the first time, especially if it consists of 22 large settlements like Rome. region selection may not be easy at all. Proximity to places to visit, ease of transportation, calmness or vice versa, active entertainment life, affordable prices, safe environment … All of them can be an important criterion for you.

I have prepared the guide of where to stay in Rome by adding the experiences I gained during my trips to my detailed research. In every region where you can stay in Rome, you can find the most important features of the relevant place, information about the surrounding attractions and transportation, as well as recommendations from popular hotels in the region.

By the way, the article is very detailed but if you want a quick Rome hotel recommendation; Close to the center, clean, high quality, affordable 3 ★ Hotel Impero , close to places such as the Coliseum and Trevi Fountain 4 ★ Eitch Borromini Palazzo Pamphilj and close to the transportation network, luxurious 5 ★ < strong> Check out the NH Collection Palazzo Cinquecento .

Where to Stay in Rome

There are 6 regions you can choose for accommodation in Rome.

This is especially suitable for those who are going to Rome for the first time, have limited time, want to stay in a relatively safe place or want to explore the city on foot.

Centro Storico is the liveliest point of the city with its historical streets, important sightseeing spots, restaurants and ice cream shops, which form the center of the city from past to present.

Hotel prices in the region can be quite high compared to other places, but you can find very affordable hotels, especially in the dead season, such as November-April. In addition, when you step out of your hotel, being in the heart of the city will have a small price as well as beauty.

Another negative aspect of the area is the dense crowd and Having a noisy environment. This is one of the most touristic and crowded areas of the city.

Places to Visit

One of the most important points of our list of places to visit in Rome , Navona Square , Pantheon , Trevi (Love) Fountain , Campo dei Fiori are located in this region. taking.

Because you can reach some important places on foot, but if you want to reach a little farther such as Termini or Vatican , you have to use subway etc. There are no subway stops in this area, the closest subway stops are “ Spagna “, “ Colesseum ”.

You can use the city bus, taxi or hop on hop off buses for transportation outside the subway. Largo Argentina Square forms one of the transportation networks in the region. You can get on the 64 numbered municipal bus, which provides transportation between Termini and Vatican, from here. Note that there may also be a taxi queue at some central points during peak season. ne 15 minutes, you can reach the Vatican Museums in 30 minutes.

To sum up; For those who say “where to stay in Rome”, “where is the most lively and active point of the city”, Centro Storico will be our first answer. If crowds or relatively higher priced facilities do not bother you, you can choose this area with peace of mind.

The Most Popular Hotels in Rome Historical City Center

Where to stay in Rome Hotel advice in the historic center Where to stay in Rome Hotel advice in the historic center 4 ★ Eitch Borromini Palazzo Pamphilj Hotel

3 ★ Trevi Beau Boutique Hotel: 8,8) The hotel, which is 50 m from the Trevi Fountain and a 5-minute walk from the metro stop, draws attention with its elegant rooms.

3 ★ Hotel Smeraldo: (Score 8,8) The property, which is in the middle of the historical center, short walking distance to important points, is especially preferred by couples.

4 ★ Condotti Boutique Hotel: Score (8,7) The boutique hotel, where comfort and modern elements are at the forefront, is only 20 meters away from the metro station.

4 ★ Eitch Borromini Palazzo Pamphilj: (Score 9.1) 17.

This region, which I preferred in my last trip to Rome, is one of the places with the most hotels in Rome.

Rome Airport Transportation Guide As I explained in detail in our article, the two most frequently used vehicles for transportation from the airport to the city center are the “Leonardo Express” and “Terravision” buses. The last stop of these two vehicles in the center is Termini. In other words, transportation between the airport and the hotel is very easy for those who stay in this region.

Although the region is mentioned with cheaper hotels due to its being next to the station, it appeals to every budget You can find hundreds of hotels in the region. In fact, compared to 3-4 star hotels in the center, the hotels in this region are both better quality and much cheaper.

One of the most negative aspects of the Termini environment is the homeless outside the station late at night. As a matter of fact, I was worried when I read this information while doing research before my last trip to Rome, but during my trip I realized that I was worrying in vain. We did not have any problems with the family in this regard.

Still, if you want peace of mind, you can take a look at the facilities in the northwest of Termini.

You may also consider not staying too late.

Places to visit

As a place to visit in the area there is only the Basilica of Santa Maria Maggiore. Popular places such as the Coliseum and Trevi Fountain are within a 20-minute walk.


Termini is the center of the Rome metro network. This is the intersection of the 2 lines. You can easily reach places such as the Vatican by metro. (Important note: theft etc. is very common in the subway, be careful.)

The municipal buses departing from outside the station are ideal for reaching places where the subway does not go. This is the starting point for open-top touristic buses in Rome, that is, hop on hop off bus tours. It is not possible to go to the places in the center on foot.

If after Rome, like I did, Florence, Milan and Venice. If you plan to go to the cities by high speed trains, the starting point of the trains is again this station.

In summary; I can recommend Termini for those who say “where to stay in Rome”, “where is affordable, close to the transportation network”.

On the contrary, it was even my job to spend less money on a clean and quality hotel that is in the center of the transportation network.

Most Popular Hotels Around Rome Termini

Where to stay in Rome Where to stay in Rome 5 ★ Hotel NH Collection Palazzo Cinquecento

3 ★ Hotel Impero: (Score 8.1) The main attractions within walking distance of the hotel, 300 meters from the station, are the Colosseum and Rome. The forum is coming.

3 ★ Hotel Nord Nuova Rome: (Score 8.6) Its unique, enriched with modern elements The hotel, which attracts guests with its atmosphere, is within a 15-minute walk of the Trevi Fountain and the Spanish Steps.

4 ★ Augusta Lucilla Palace: (Score 8.5) 18.

Especially the area that history lovers will love is the oldest settlement of the city.

The “red-lamp area” of the past, today its trendy bars and restaurants located on narrow and stony streets is one of the popular spots of the city with its cool boutiques. Moreover, this place is quite calm compared to the historical center.

Places to Visit

Colosseum, Rome Important regions such as the Forum, Palatino Hill, Domus Aurea are located in this region. Besides, you can walk to structures such as Trevi Fountain and Pantheon for 15 minutes.


There are 2 metro stops named “Colosseo” and “Cavour” in the area, which is 15 minutes walking distance from Termini. You can easily walk around the city through these stops.

If you stay close to historical buildings such as the Colosseum and experience the historical texture of the city to the full, besides this You can choose one of the hotels in Monti if you want to navigate around the city comfortably using the metro stops in the area.

Rome Most Popular Hotels in Monti

Accommodation in Rome

Accommodation in Rome 4 ★ FH55 Grand Hotel Palatino

3 ★ Princeps Boutique Hotel: (Score 9.2) The hotel is located opposite Santa Maria Maggiore, It offers travelers rooms with a modern style and a wide range of action.

3 ★ Condominio Monti Boutique Hotel: (Score 9 , 2) The hotel on Via Dei Serpent is ideal for those who want to stay close to the Coliseum.

4 ★ Exe International Palace: (Score 8,2) The hotel located opposite the Opera House; Termini attracts great attention as it is within walking distance of the Spanish Steps and Trevi Fountain.

4 ★ FH55 Grand Hotel Palatino: (Score 8.5) The distance between the Hotel and the Colosseum on foot is approx.5 -6 minutes can be overcome.

Located to the north of the city center, this region hosts quality hotels, especially 4-5 stars. Of course, it is possible to find affordable hotels.

Via Veneto, which was the frequent destination of celebrities, politicians and movie stars in the 1950s and 60s, and one of the favorite areas of food lovers.

Places to Visit

Spanish Steps, Popolo Square, Villa Borghese is located in the region. Apart from that, you can reach the Trevi Fountain and Pantheon in a short time on foot.


You can easily travel around the city via the metro stations “Spagna” and “Barberini” in the region. Similarly, bus lines will make your transportation easier.

If a little away from the historical center crowd, but close to attractions and metro and Termini, luxury and quality If you want to stay in a beautiful area with facilities, the answer to the question of “where to stay in Rome” may be the area around Via Veneto.

The Most Popular Hotels Around Via Veneto

Accommodation near the shopping streets in Rome Accommodation near the shopping streets in Rome 4 ★ Hotel Imperiale

3 ★ Hotel Alexandra: (Score 8, 3) The hotel, which has been operating since 1910, is preferred by travelers who want to stay in comfortable rooms decorated with elegant furniture.

If the idea of ​​staying in a building used as a monastery in the century, excites you, you can choose this hotel located between Via Veneto and Villa Borghese.


Rome accommodation Trastevere region Accommodation in Rome Trastevere area

For those who want to stay in Rome My next recommendation is the Trastevere area, which literally means “beyond the Tiber” and located on the west side of the river.

The most important feature of this region, where you can experience the spirit of Rome from the past to the present, is the best place where you can experience the Roman nightlife.

Especially Piazza di Santa Square becomes the place where young people eat, drink and have fun later in the evening. Of course, this noise and crowd may be a disadvantage for you at some points.

Hotels in the region can be much more affordable than the center. Of course, the majority of hostels and rental houses apart from hotels is one of the most important factors in this situation.

Places to Visit

Frankly, there are not many popular places to visit in the region on the south side of the Vatican. But it is a reason to wander around the air-headed environment that the region has.


Perhaps the biggest disadvantage of staying in Trastevere is its location. There is no metro stop in the area. You need to use buses, trams or taxis to get to popular places in the center. You can reach Navona Square and its surroundings by walking in around 20 minutes.

In summary; If you want to stay in one of the most beautiful and stylish restaurants located in the center of nightlife and entertainment, among the photogenic streets and squares in the most preserved area of ​​Rome, the answer to the question of “where to stay in Rome” is for you.

Most Popular Hotels in Trastevere

Where to stay in Rome for nightlife best location Where to stay in Rome the best place for nightlife 4 ★ VOI Donna Camilla Savelli Hotel

3 ★ Casa Mia In Trastevere: (Score 9.4) You can choose the hotel, which has won the appreciation of its guests with its spacious and clean rooms, due to its proximity to the Vatican, which hosts museums where many valuable works are exhibited. 4 ★ VOI Donna Camilla Savelli Hotel: (Score 8.9) Hotel, 17.

It is possible to reach the Vatican in 10 minutes on foot from the location of the facility.

5 ★ Villa Agrippina Gran Melia: (Rating 8.6) Luxury that fascinates its guests with stylishly designed rooms The hotel is located 15 minutes ‘walk from Piazza Navona and Campo de’ Fiori.

Vatican & Prati

Rome accommodation near the Vatican

Rome accommodation close to the Vatican

Being of great importance for Catholics, Vatican is actually one of the world’s smallest city-states in theory.

Next to the Vatican is Prati.

Vatican is a small place, you don’t have the chance to stay in it, but you can choose places that are close to here. Although I included the Vatican and its surroundings in my guide where to stay in Rome, I personally would not recommend it for accommodation. Both the prices are very high and the area is very active during the day.

Located right next to the Vatican, Prati is less crowded than the Vatican. it is both more economical and has a unique atmosphere. Unlike the places I introduced in our guide where to stay in Rome, the region is more Parisian with its wide boulevards.

Restaurants around Via Cola di Rienzo Street. Although the shops and the area are very lively during the day, it is quite calm at night. In addition, if you want to start your Vatican visits early in the morning or if you want to spend time in the region, it may be advantageous to stay in Prati or you can choose the places in the center.

Places to Visit

The most popular sightseeing spots in the region include Vatican Museums (Sistine Chapel), St.Peter’s Basilica and Castel San’t Angelo


“Cipro”, “Ottaviano” and “Lepanto” metro You can easily reach Termini and sightseeing points through the stops.

It is difficult to reach important places by walking outside the Vatican.

Most Popular Hotels in Vatican & Prati

Accommodation in Rome Vatican hotels Accommodation in Rome Vatican hotels 4 ★ NH Collection Rome Giustiniano

3 ★ Hotel San Valentino: (Score 8.2) Located 2 minutes’ walk from Lepanto metro stop, the hotel is ideal for those looking for affordable accommodation in the Prati area.

-3fa2d570-489a-40ca-9ed1-1379b6ca51ef “> 4 ★ Best Western Plus Hotel Spring House: (Rating 8,8) The distance between the modern design hotel located close to the walls surrounding the Vatican and the metro station by walking You can beat it in 5 minutes.

4 ★ NH Collection Rome Giustiniano: (Score 8.5) 10 to Vatican City Located within minutes of walking distance, the rooms of the hotel are wide enough for you to move freely.

Since we do our city crossings within the country by trains, we generally tried to choose our hotels from the station area. That’s why we chose the hotels in the Termini region in Rome.

As a hotel, we made our selection on about 4000 < As a result of the visitor evaluation, we built from the 4-star hotel Augusta Lucilla Palace , which has an excellent score of 8.6 out of 10 and we were generally satisfied. (If you want to view the reservation document of the hotel, click .)

The biggest advantage of the hotel is its location. The facility, which is 5 minutes walking distance to the central train station, offers great convenience in urban transportation with the airport. and you will be very comfortable using the tourist bus. It is even possible to go to many places by walking.

Another advantage of the hotel is its price. We stayed at the Augusta Lucilla Palace hotel, which is one of the best value-for-money facilities in Rome, in the spring season and paid 148 Euros per night with breakfast included, free cancellation option. .

Of course, this number may vary greatly depending on the season.

The breakfast was enough for me. As a result, if I were to go to Rome again, this is the first hotel I would take a look at.

In-city Transport in Rome

Accommodation in Rome city transportation Accommodation in Rome city transport

I tried to give detailed information about the important places you can stay in the city throughout the guide on where to stay in Rome. It is not possible to pass without mentioning the regions and mentioning the urban transportation.

Termini : As I mentioned above, Termini means the central station city heart of transportation.

The intersection of the metro is the starting point of hop on hop off buses.

Metro : Although not as developed as other European cities There is also a small metro line in Rome. Unfortunately, in the metro center, it is not very close to places to visit. If you are going to use the subway frequently, you can choose areas close to the stations such as Termini, Coliseum, Spagna.

Bus : Places where the metro does not go The easiest way to reach is by using municipal buses. Especially if you are going to use the internet with your mobile phone abroad, you can easily find out which buses go to the places you want to go from where you are.

Apart from these; hop on hop off (touristic open top) buses, taxis, trams are frequently used.

Rome Hotel Deals and Reservation

Although Rome hosts millions of visitors throughout the year, hotel prices are compared to other tourist cities such as Paris, Amsterdam and Barcelona. at a much more reasonable level than.

Of course, these prices may increase or decrease slightly depending on the season. If you can keep your accommodation budget high, you can find much better quality and central hotels from 160-170 Euros.

Tax : While 10% VAT is included for reservations made through, the city tax of 6 Euros per person per night is excluded. You pay the city tax at the hotel, so you may want to have cash with you accordingly.

Breakfast : 3, 4 in Rome The breakfasts of 5-star hotels are suitable for our taste. At least even in the simplest facilities, boiled eggs, fried bread, jam, etc. You may be asked to pay a breakfast fee of 5-15 Euros. For this reason, it may be more profitable for you if you make your hotel with breakfast included.

Reservation : Where to stay in Rome One of the most important issues is hotel reservation.

For reservations made via, you can make your hotel payment at the hotel if you wish.

Any change in your plans is free until 24 hours before your reservation, depending on your accommodation choice. You have a chance to cancel. Click to check all Rome hotels on

Briefly Where to Stay in Rome

Where to stay in Rome Where to stay in Rome

To summarize, nice and safe accommodation in Rome 6 You can choose from the region.

There are a lot of activities that can be done in the historical city center.

Around Termini & Esquilino, on the other hand, both hosting affordable hotels and offering different facilities in terms of transportation. It has long been among the favorite accommodation destinations of travelers. Ideal for families with children, Monti generally attracts those who enjoy a calm atmosphere. Its historical texture is literally dazzling.

The area around Via Veneto & Spanish Steps is the most ideal area in the city for those who enjoy a high-end holiday experience. The shopping and dining facilities are really the kind that will make you feel special.

Trastevere is known for having all the details specific to Rome. The region is also known as the heartbeat of the city’s nightlife. If you want to get to know the cultural background of the city rather than entertainment, you can choose among the Prati hotels. This way, you can visit the Vatican whenever you want.

For those who want to switch directly to hotel selection without losing time with the region search, 3 ★ I can recommend Hotel Smeraldo , Hotel Impero and Princeps Boutique Hotel .

If you intend to stay in hotels with a slightly higher service quality, at the selection stage you will find 4 Eitch Borromini Palazzo Pamphilj , The Hive Hotel and NH Collection Roma Giustiniano You can give priority to>.

If you aim to have a dreamlike accommodation experience, then choose 5 ★ Singer Palace Hotel You can choose from>, NH Collection Palazzo Cinquecento or Rome Luxus Hotel .

All you need during your trip to Rome You can find all the other important information you might have in our articles;

Rome travel guide What to do in Rome < strong> What to buy from Rome What to eat in Rome?

Where to Stay in Rome? Frequently Asked Questions

First time going to Rome where to stay?

Centro Storico, the Historical City Center, is very suitable for those who are going to Rome for the first time.

Where is the cheapest place to stay in Rome?

Hotels around Termini are more economical than other regions.

But keep in mind that it is a bit troublesome at the transport point.

Where to stay for shopping in Rome?

< div>

Via Veneto, Via dei Condotti, Via del Corso are some of the most popular shopping streets in the city. You can choose your hotel close to these points.


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