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Where to stay in Sapanca? Regions and Hotel Recommendations

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Where to stay in Sapanca blog guide
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Where to Stay in Sapanca? 1. Sapanca District Center 2. Kirkpinar 3. Maşukiye 4. Where to stay in Sapanca?

Where to stay in Sapanca? Sakarya one of the most popular districts While Sapanca is a natural wonder with its atmosphere and beauties, it is one of the favorite addresses of a peaceful holiday with plenty of rest and plenty of accommodation alternatives. famous. Moreover, it is an excellent option for spa holidays, experiences alone with nature, and peaceful meals.

Especially for those who want to escape from big cities such as Istanbul, Ankara and Bursa, you can think of Sapanca at least once. > I am sure that the idea of ​​”should we run away to Sapanca for the weekend?” .

If this is exactly the case, but if you are wondering where to stay in Sapanca for this holiday to be perfect, this guide Sapanca I promise you will find the best alternatives for accommodation in !

Throughout the guide, I will be telling you the ideal regions for accommodation in Sapanca and my recommendations for hotels in Sapanca.

Sapanca Although you haven’t thought of the idea of ​​a vacation yet, I recommend you to spend a weekend at Sapanca hotels by storing energy!

Where to stay in Sapanca?

 Where to stay in Sapanca, accommodation areas

In Sapanca There are 4 most ideal areas for accommodation:

Sapanca’s most vibrant and developed region in terms of city features Sapanca district center , famous for its stylish houses, walking areas in greenery and restaurants & cafes, like a lake town Kirkpinar , from the first row of Turkey’s most popular resorts, nature and trout restaurants with prominent Maşukiye , famous for its ski resort and natural beauty, the best of the alternative accommodations to skiing nearby Card .


It has both more village taste and touristic areas.

Looking at it like this, Sapanca center has both cons and pros according to the person.

Let’s start with the pros. Sapanca center is the ideal area in Sapanca in terms of transportation, accommodation and shopping. Apart from Sapanca Bus Station, Sapanca is also the center of public transportation for transportation.

Not only facilities, but also many of the things that come to mind Places to visit in Sapanca are at your disposal when you choose accommodation in Sapanca center. .

Moreover, the Government House, sarcophagi from the Byzantine period, nearly 60 houses that have survived from the 1800s, an arch built by Mimar Sinan, and many historical artifacts from the Ottomans are still in Sapanca.

The crucial detail is Sapanca center, which is the ideal region for those looking for affordable hotels in Sapanca. Both options are abundant and prices are more affordable.

Let’s get to the negative side of hotel selection in the center of Sapanca. We called Sapanca a natural wonder, but the district center is not that much of a natural wonder as you can imagine.

When you compare it with Maşukiye and Kırkpınar and consider the photos that reflect the nature of Sapanca, you may be disappointed.

If you ask where to stay in Sapanca center, you can first take a look at the hotels on the edge of Sapanca Lake and then the options in the neighborhoods of Çayiçi , New and Rüstempaşa in the inner parts of the center. .

Especially Sapanca Clock Tower around , Mimar Sinan Street , Vehbibey Street , Kuvayi Milliye Caddesi recommend you to look at strong> and its parallel streets.

For a more calm and decent option closer to the center, I recommend Uzunkum t .

the most popular hotels:

Sasa Harmanlik: Luxury v Providing service with elegant wooden houses, this property is perfect for a romantic holiday in Sapanca with its atmosphere, facilities and decoration.

For detailed information and reservation, click .

Egemen Boutique Hotel: For those who prefer affordable hotels close to Sapanca Lake, it is perfect with its modern, stylish and good facilities. an alternative. For detailed information and reservation, click .

3 ★ Lale Boutique Hotel: If you are looking for a central hotel in Sapanca, within walking distance to Sapanca Lake Park, right by the lake. You should check out this luxurious and modern facility in this location. Click for detailed information and reservation.

5 ★ Richmond Nua Wellness & Spa – Adults Only: If you are looking for a luxury hotel in Sapanca, one of the most popular facilities in the region. check out this option. It is located a 5-minute walk from Sapanca Lake. In addition to the spa service, there is also a private beach. For detailed information and reservation, click .

2. Kırkpınar

Kırkpınar hotels Accommodation in Sapanca

” Where to stay in Sapanca , where to take a vacation? ” If you say, here’s the answer!

Kırkpınar is one of the regions that many travelers and I personally recommend for accommodation in Sapanca.

At the same time, Sapanca ‘ It is one of the most popular regions of Turkey. If you want to say accommodation in Kırkpınar, let’s start like this.

Kırkpınar, located 4 km from Sapanca center, is fascinating with its shore to Sapanca Lake and eye-catching neighborhoods, lake town ” unique.

Apart from the beauty of the lakeside, Kırkpınar also stands out with its chic neighborhoods, parks and gardens, almost like a European town, decorated with lovely villas and lush green areas.

In other words, Sapanca’s Compared to other regions of Kırkpınar, not only the part on the shore of Sapanca Lake, but also the inner parts, namely the center, are very pleasant.

Another feature of Kırkpınar is pleasant restaurants and cafes. By the lake. There are many places from stylish restaurants to shabby barbecue restaurants, from new generation cafes to historical cafes.

The ideal places to stay in Kırkpınar are of course lake shore , Baghdad Street , Cevdet Koç Caddesi and the distance between these two streets

If you want to be more intertwined with nature, I recommend the lakeside sides, if you want to experience the more active sides of Kırkpınar and the face of cafes and restaurants, then Bağdat Caddesi.

In the vicinity of Kırkpınar, Mahmudiye, Kurtköy and Yanık are the accommodation area options you can browse.

You can find my recommendations for Kırkpınar hotels below.

For detailed information and reservation, click .

3 ★ Room Room Boutique Hotel: A central alternative for those who prefer accommodation in Sapanca Kırkpınar. Located a few steps from Bagdat Street, the property is quite stylish and modern. For detailed information and reservation click.

3 ★ A Diamond The Resort Spa Sapanca: It is located on the slopes of the mountains in the Kurtköy region but You can stay alone with nature and enjoy the outdoor pool and SPA in this facility, which is only 5 minutes away from the center. Click for detailed information and reservation.

5 ★ Sapanca Alfa Suites & Spa: If you are looking for a SPA hotel in Sapanca, you can visit NG Sapanca Bedesten Shopping Center. You can take a look at this facility located on Kırkpınar road, within minutes drive. In addition to the bungalow room types, there are also rooms in villas such as with pool or garden. Click for detailed information and reservation.

5 ★ NG Sapanca Wellness & Convention: This option, one of the best among Sapanca SPA hotels and even Sapanca hotels, is lush green It enables you to experience modern possibilities in nature.


Maşukiye Where to stay in Sapanca

Our third guest in the directory, the most popular of recent years Maşukiye!

A little warning from the beginning: Maşukiye is not located within the borders of Sapanca, but on the Kocaeli Sapanca border and is actually Kocaeli. However, I wanted to give it a place because it is close to Sapanca and many travelers have a stop for accommodation or day trips in Sapanca.

Well, wherever you can say this Maşukiye is on the shore of Sapanca Lake, Kartepe. It is located on the outskirts of Sapanca, on the Kocaeli border. It is only 10 km away from Sapanca and you can reach it in 15 minutes by car.

It is not only close to Sapanca, but also to Kartepe , famous for its ski center.

With its ideal location, nature and facilities, it is one of the first choices of many travelers for accommodation in Sapanca.

Let’s talk about other reasons for staying in Maşukiye.

First of all, Maşukiye, Turkey is one of the most popular resorts in recent years.

It is preferred by tens of thousands of tourists.

As such, touristic activities, accommodation facilities, eating and drinking opportunities, etc. It is highly developed.

In Maşukiye, you can find wonderful facilities for accommodation or rental villas that are just your own. Moreover, from lake houses to chalets, from luxury hotels to hostels; There are many options in different styles.

If you prefer a hotel in Maşukiye, I have already mentioned that you can easily visit not only Maşukiye but also other places due to its location. However, if your problem is not traveling, but having a pleasant time where you are, there are alternatives here too!

Naturally, nature is the most striking feature in Maşukiye. Maşukiye is a complete “escape from the city” with its refreshing air in summer and winter, the famous Aygır Stream starting from the summit of Kartepe and extending to here, and numerous plateaus including Kirazlı Plateau, Kuzu Plateau . ” natural paradise.

There are also different activities to enjoy nature. If you are looking for excitement, you can do activities such as ATV safari, rafting, canoe, or you can choose alternatives such as calmer trekking and fishing.

If you choose a hotel in the center of Maşukiye, village streets, cafes and shops will welcome you at the door.

The most popular hotels in this region:

Saklıbahçe Hotel : Located in a central point of Maşukiye, the property is ideal in terms of price performance with its wooden rooms, lush surroundings and restaurant.

Babil Bungalow Boutique Hotel: Bungalow accommodation in Maşukiye One of the best alternatives for those who want experience. The interior of the rooms is very modern and comfortable, and the outside is a perfect atmosphere where you can enjoy nature! Click for information and reservation.

3 ★ Motali Life Hotel: If you want your facility to be modern and stylish but the environment is natural and green, Maşukiye is on Kartepe Street. You should take a look at this option. For detailed information and reservation, click .

3 ★ Yazıcılar Hotel & Restaurant: Ideal for those looking for a central hotel in Maşukiye, this property is built in woodland. It serves in a structure. It is perfect for those who want to be in the center and stay in touch with nature.

For detailed information and reservation, click .

4. Kartepe

Where to stay in Sapanca Kartepe hotels

” Sapanca ‘ where to stay? ” The bonus of the guide: Kartepe.

Kartepe is actually a district of Kocaeli just like Maşukiye. Located on the Kocaeli Sapanca border, Kartepe is located 15 km away in the upper parts of Maşukiye. If Kartepe, Sapanca transportation takes about 30 minutes.

Kartepe, Sapanca entering between the preferences of many travelers is the accommodation in question.

The reason of winter tourism in Turkey Kartepe Ski Center , one of the most vibrant centers. If you are planning to travel to Sapanca in winter and you are interested in skiing, you can consider the accommodation alternative in Kartepe.

Kartepe ‘ If you are going to choose a hotel, you don’t need to think because there is only one option. The Green Park Kartepe is the only hotel in Kartepe Ski Center.

You can see my favorites among these alternatives in my Kartepe Hotels list below.

“When will you go to Kartepe? Should we choose it only in winter and for skiing? ”

In Kartepe, you can spend time with different activities such as golf, camping, horse riding, cycling, trekking, ATV safari and of course you can enjoy every season from your room in nature.

The most popular hotels in this region:

Yeşil Dus Vadisi Bungalow Hotel & Restaurant: Kartepe is a forested area in Balaban District, at the foot of the mountains serves with tree houses in the area. It is 15 km from Kartepe Ski Center and 19 km from Sapanca.

4 ★ The Green Park Kartepe: The only option for those looking for a hotel in Kartepe Ski Center. In addition to ski equipment rental, ski lessons, direct transportation to the ski area, there are also facilities such as SPA and indoor pool. For detailed information and reservation, click .

Transportation in Sapanca

Accommodation in Sapanca, transportation guide

When choosing a hotel in Sapanca, I wanted to summarize the transportation details that will make your job easier and make the right decision.

For transportation in Sapanca Private public buses, minibuses and taxis are used.

If you have the opportunity to rent a car in Sapanca or if you are going to come with your own vehicle, you can visit all the surrounding villages, plateaus and regions. By renting a bike you can reach almost everywhere.

Those who do not prefer to rent a car or a bicycle do not actually need to worry about transportation. Far away, you can easily reach anywhere you want in Sapanca by public transportation.

Of course, Sapanca district center will be the most ideal accommodation area when it comes to transportation in Sapanca.

Sapanca Hotel Deals & Reservation

Sapanca hotel recommendation

“ Yes, these places are very nice. Lake houses, chalets, bungalow facilities, boutique hotels are great, but let’s talk a little about the budget for accommodation in Sapanca. ” If you say, start reading!

First of all, let’s start with a hotel reservation in Sapanca.

With a good research and early reservation, it is possible to book a hotel you want at an affordable price.

However, if you are looking for a hotel by Lake Sapanca, you should keep your budget a little higher. Naturally, lakeside hotels are more expensive than inland hotels.

If I talk about general figures for hotel prices in Sapanca, it is a facility in the interior where you can say good and spend time with peace of mind, 2 people 300 – 350 per night Around TL. On the lakeside, the price of a hotel with the same features goes up to 500 TL .

The first region I recommend for an affordable hotel in Sapanca is Sapanca. district center . Here you can find many alternatives like pensions and boutique hotels.

Briefly, Where to Stay in Sapanca?

Where to stay in Sapanca guide

For those who do not like to read long, those who need quick advice, let’s put them under this heading! In summary, if you are wondering where to stay in Sapanca, let’s read.

There are 4 most preferred and ideal places for accommodation in Sapanca: Sapanca district center , Kırkpınar , Maşukiye and Kartepe.

The first pair are in Sapanca, but Maşukiye and Kartepe are on the Kocaeli Sapanca border, on the Kocaeli side but almost in Sapanca. we can say.

Although you can come in summer and winter, Kartepe is preferred especially for winter tourism because of Kartepe Ski Center .

As Kartepe is the furthest region from Sapanca in the guide, your main purpose is snow, skiing or If it is not something related to Kartepe in every season. In other words, lake houses, villas or bungalows should be your priority.

There are many options in Sapanca that serve as a lake house, I am sure you can find an alternative that suits your budget and taste. For crowded groups, renting a villa in Sapanca is perfect for escape from the city and entertainment!

For those who want hotel advice in Sapanca , I can list my suggestions as follows:

Finding peace with SPA, 5 ★ NG Sapanca Wellness & Convention for those who want to enjoy nature in luxury, for those who are looking for a nice option for Sapanca Lake hotels, 3 ★ < strong> Lale Boutique Hotel , 4 ★ The Green Park Kartepe , the only alternative for those who want to ski, as I mentioned above.

More for Sapanca trip If you need information, here are a few useful guides:

Sapanca Attractions List | The 12 Most Beautiful Places! Maşukiye Places to Visit & What to Do in Maşukiye? .

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