Women, chickpeas were made for you!

Women, chickpeas were made for you!
Women, chickpeas were made for you!

Saying that chickpeas should be consumed more, especially by women, Assoc. Oğuz Özyaral stated that chickpea has a significant protective effect against breast cancer.

Public Health Specialist Assoc. Dr. Özyaral said, “Chickpea is especially protective against breast cancer. It is also beneficial during menopause with its balancing effect on estrogen hormone.”

Public Health Specialist Assoc. Dr. In his statement, Oğuz Özyaral stated that chickpeas, which he recommends to be consumed at least twice a week, have folate, which is necessary for DNA synthesis and regeneration, therefore it prevents DNA from changing in the form of cancer cells and preserves the structure.

With this feature, chickpea helps to prevent the spread and development of cancer cells in the body, Özyaral said, “Chickpea is especially protective against breast cancer. At the same time, chickpea is especially beneficial during menopause with its estrogen hormone balancing effect. It helps to reduce complaints such as hot and sweating that occur during the period. made its assessment.

“Chickpeas should find more place on the tables”

Özyaral says that chickpeas, which are produced in abundance in Turkey, require less water, Expressing that it is a product that can be grown very easily even in barren areas, he said: “This legume, which is known to almost everyone, should find more place in the tables. Chickpeas calcium, magnesium, potassium, selenium, copper, zinc. It is a legume with plenty of fiber, rich in vitamin A and beta-carotene as well as iron and vitamin A. Selenium in chickpeas supports the working functions of intestinal enzymes, eliminating the toxic effect of components caused by cancer in the body. Selenium also helps to prevent tumor formation. In addition, chickpea helps to prevent breast cancer. While preventing the development of harmful bacteria in the intestine, it also supports the development of beneficial bacteria necessary for the digestive system.Chickpea reduces the risk of cancer associated with the colon and anus thanks to its high fiber content, protects the digestive system and strengthens the stomach. it stings.”

“Women should consume more chickpeas”

Assoc. Dr. Özyaral explained that some people do not pour the water in which the chickpeas are soaked in order not to lose their vitamin value, but this water is full of poison rather than vitamins, adding, “In order for the dried chickpeas offered to the market to be cooked as food, they should be left in drinking water at least one night before and allowed to swell. Due to the characteristic of the chickpea plant during swelling. It releases toxic substances and gases into the water that cannot be digested by the stomach. Therefore, this water in which they are softened should be poured, and chickpea dish should be made with fresh fresh water.” he said.

As part of its breast cancer protective effect, Özyaral recommended that women consume more of this nutrient and gave the following information:

“Regular consumption of chickpeas can also prevent diabetes. It is known to help regulate sleep and also relieves nausea, dizziness and headache problems.


Thanks to the amino acids it contains, it can help in maintaining sleep patterns.It strengthens the body’s immune system and reduces the risk of getting diseases. The phosphorus it contains supports bone and tooth structure and strengthening. Chickpea, which affects the hormones of happiness, can thus help prevent depression. It has cholesterol-regulating, heart-opening and heart-protective properties. It relieves brain and mental fatigue, strengthens memory and facilitates learning.”

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